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Humans Are The Aliens

Once the Earth had enough cables and connections encompassing her to form a neural network, she woke up.  Gaia speaks to man in the future creating the aliens that we’ve always searched for. What if the first aliens are us!

Rev James’ first short story available on Google Play Books.

Follow Stein and Sed on their tragic yet beautiful journey across the Milky Way and make first contact. Eye glasses, prosthetics to implants.  How could you not see this coming?  The world isn’t about to end it’s about to wake up.  Gaia Speaks.

Cerwin Vega Speak(er)s From the Grave

White Noise Featured Image

What does it mean to you to be scared?

Was it an unexpected event like someone sneaking up behind you and yelling “Boo”?  Probably not, I don’t think that has ever worked on anyone.  The word “boo” itself is an indicator that this is not a real cause for alarm.

Was it self induced like a roller coaster ride or a haunted house? Would you, for a night, join a group of ghost hunters and spend a night in a cemetery looking for shadow people? Have you ever had a white noise experience?
A friend of mine did.

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Water Has Memory

water memory

The Structure of Life

Every drop reflects what it see’s. Life mirrors life.  Inside each drop of water is a reflection of the light that refracts from it. A molecular image of it’s surroundings, water immediately resonates from the frequency of it’s environment. It’s that simple, life begets life because it copies what it see’s. What you do others will do, so make it what you want. Because if you don’t, no one else will.