The History of The Daisy Dukes

Shorts In America

shorts boyHow the Daisy Duke culture began in America goes back to the history of fashion, denim and equal rights.
We base the status of a country on how they treat their citizens. Their process of justice, the way they administer punishment
and the fair and equal values of gender, race and religious beliefs by their laws and their conduct. Ours here in America go way back
to a time when women, children and men where property of others. Either by the color of their skin or by their mere status in life at birth.
Women’s rights have a large roll in the fact that girls in America wear their Daisy Dukes with heels, Uggs, flip-flops and cowboy boots.

Not as a recent phenomenon but one that has spanned several decades in the making, crawling out of the trailer parks of the deep south to become
what the famous and elite wear. Not only as a statement of who they are but also as their place in social the class, one that fits in to the norm.

Meet The Booty Culture

Young boys in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s
wore shorts. This attire, known as knee pants,  was a society standard. It was so that the other men in the community could recognize “boys” as either an adult or a child. The average person would live to only 43 years of age.

With such a short life expectancy there wasn’t time for things like growing up slowly.
There was no such thing as
adolescents then, boys went straight from childhood
to manhood.   When the time came that a son had impressed his father enough or had reached an age of acceptance, usually on a birthday, the father would pronounce the son to be a man. To mark the occasion they
were allowed to wear long trousers.  Cloth was a costly commodity and full length pants needed justification, the new found man would have new chores, those of an adult, his legs would require more protection. While children’s clothing seemed to have a need to last through the fast growing spurts that occurred, clothes like shorts would seem highly practical.

Clothing and attire have always been a form of social recognition and status in almost every culture and generation long through out history. It has dominated our place in society as an indicator of who we are and what our worth was.

The Revolution

Photo from imgur

By the 1920’s prohibition(1919-1933) and women’s suffrage was beginning to take root in America.  The mob, detective stories and Buck Rogers(1928) had filled the news papers and radio stations. Romance blossomed in the cartoons of Dick Tracy(1931) and Brenda Starr(1940).  Women would become the ideology of sexuality while gaining a step forward in equality and self expressive freedom. One piece bathing suits where in the norm on beaches in New Jersey to Georgia. But in California, under the influence of Hawaii, something else would happen.

Photo curtsey Flickr archives


While men went off to WAR
WOMEN stayed here and
built AMERICA,
Their husbands sent back post cards and letters describing the local scenery of the pacific islands they inhabited.  From Hawaii to Midway, husbands wrote about women in bikini tops made of cocoanut shells and hula skirts and men that rode the waves on boards. Tropical prints and a casual attire worn in the Pacific Tropics would accompany the surfboard back to America, beginning on her Western coast.  As with any fashion in the U.S., it would skip to the Eastern coast, then slowly back through middle America and eventually her south.

vintage bikini postcard
Photo curtsey Flickr archives
1932 womens basketball team
Photo Rev James Jones

Womens shorts
became Sports apparel
“1932” Cedarville, Arkansas
Girls Basketball Team

The Bikini Bomb

image from wikipedia

French Engineer Louis Re’ard on July5th 1946
naming it after the Bikini Atoll,
in the Pacific,
The Nuclear Weapons Test,
of that same year,
Turned underwear into outerwear.
with the Bikini.


As the film industry grew in Hollywood in the 1950’s, so did the influence from the pacific and the war.  Movies about the war and island love propagated theaters along with action and sci-fi movies.  Eventually this Hawaiian influence raced through Hollywood and Elvis, Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon were selling the idea of romance on the beach in their shorts and bikini’s. Television shows like Gidget and bands like The Beach Boys acted like commercials for the California beach culture. As also shows like Dobie Gillis and Gilligan’s Island would promote cultures, clothing and Pacific fantasy locations.

Beach Party

Sadie Hawkins Day

Photo from IMDb

The movie Li’l Abner was released in 1959, based on the Al Capp comic strip. Daisy Mae had one day a year to reverse customary roles and chase boys, Sadie  Hawkins Day.  Although more often depicted as a skirt than shorts the tattered hem line would create the brand for the Daisy Dukes. The Movies had taken the casual shorts look for women and placed them in the heart of Dixie.

Photo from Parade,com

Gilligan’s Island Actress Dawn Wells: Why Did Her Short-Shorts Make History?.

Dawn Wells, the first woman to wear short shorts on television, from Parade magazine.

white jeep
Photo from Wikipedia
The Birth Of Daisy Dukes

CBS Television 1979
Inspired by the 1975 Movie Moonrunners Gy Waldron created
The Dukes of Hazzard
A popular television series Staring Catherine Bach
introducing America to  Daisy Duke
and her White JEEP CJ-7 known as Dixie

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke
Photo curtsey Wikipedia
The Rebirth Of The Daisy Dukes

Born in Abilene Texas
the daughter of a minister
July 10, 1980
Jessica Simpson
soon became a Pop and Fashion Star.
With her film debut as Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie

The Dukes of Hazzard

directed by Jay Chandrasekhar by Warner bros Pictures
Jessica became
“Daisy Duke”

brittney spears in shorts

Britany Spears

By the late nineties their was one girl from Louisiana, who would put “Daisy Dukes” back on top of what it means to be a southern belle. Britney Jean Spears carved the image of stardom out of the glamorous 20’s and replaced it with one of stars in a tank top and a pair of daisy dukes. Now the celebrities dressed like the people and had their problems. Their social behavior mirrored ours. The realization that they were people, just like us was apparent.  They were no longer the silver screen idols of yesterday but the children of the U.S. who had made it big. She wasn’t the first star from the south, just the more recent to walk around in the same clothes, during her time off, that the teen age girls of the south had worn for the past two decades. The historic status symbol that was “the clothes make the man” was smashed on the trailer house floor.

katy perry cupcake shorts

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Katy Perry began her career much
like Jessica Simpson, as a teenage
gospel singer that went Pop,
her 2010 album
California gurls
and lead title track by the same name
peaked at no.1 for 6 weeks
on Billboards Top 100 glorifying the bikini top, daisy dukes style as a permanent part of the casual party goer’s attire.

daisy dukes party attire
Photo by Rev James Jones


Katy’s Diesel BeDazzled Daisy Dukes
created for her California Gurls video.

Daisy Dukes on Bottom
Bikini’s on Top”

Possibly one of the most expensive pair of Daisy Dukes ever made, the one of a kind hand made, completely be-dazzled Diesel shorts. Glamor to it’s most extreme embellished on the high cropped hem of a pair of Daisy Dukes.

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