Top10 Famous Shorts

The Top 10 count down

of the most famous celebrity shorts

in history.

What Do Your Shorts Say? Presents The Top 10 Count Down of the most famous shorts in celebrity history.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

10.The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The worlds most famous cheerleaders have came along ways from the side lines. Before there was a Hooters calendar there was The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They spawned a movie, tee shirts, posters, calenders, a reality show and scores of fans. It is quite possible they are more famous than the team themselves.

Brooke Shields Topless

9. Brooke Shields

Before there was Jordash, before the Blue lagoon, there was a 10 year old model named Brooke Shields.  Artist Richard Prince had his work removed by Scotland Yard from the London gallery’s Pop Life exhibition due to the 10 year old Brooke Shields photo’s of her wearing nothing but make up. The series of pictures were entitled Spiritual America of which Brooke’s mother received $450.  Gary Gross would later take pictures of these pictures for playboy, Brooke’s mother unsuccessfully tried to have them stopped. Brooke’s early career caused standards in child pornography laws to be established around the globe.

landers sisters shorts

8. Judy & Audrey Landers

Sister’s Judy and Audrey Landers weren’t the only sisters to appear in playboy, maybe wearing whip cream, but they were the only one’s to hold the record for appearing in more tv shows than any other actor or actress, twice. Cast into stereotypical roles as  the ditzy blonde or seductress these two were graduates of Julliard.

jessica simpson shorts

7. Jessica Simpson

In 2009 MTV gave Jessica Simpson The Most Buzz Worthy Short Shorts of All Time Award because of a news paper article that made headlines regarding the fact she might be gaining weight. MTV defended Jessica by saying, “she was born a natural beauty that would look good at any weight.”  President Obama was denied an honorary scholarship by the University of Arizona that same day but the story was buried under America’s concern  over what size Jessica Simpson’s shorts were. American’s know what’s really important!

jennifer lopez

6. Jennifer Lopez

After Jennifer Lopez‘s portrayal of Selena in the self titled movie her stardom skyrocketed as did her derriere. Once reportedly insured for a large amount of money. Jennifer released an album entitled ‘On The Six‘    which could be a musical count reference or a fighter pilots jargon for ‘closely following someone’s tail.’ Either way this fly girl did good thanks in a large part to her ability to wear shorts.

5. Barbi Benton

Hee-Haws pinup girl would eventually appear on the cover of playboy several times, date Hugh Hefner and release her own album.

4. Katy Perry’s bedazzled diesels

bedazzled daisy dukes

One of the most famous pair of shorts in history stand alone.  These one of a kind shorts await their place in the Hollywood Museum.

Wonder Woman

3. Linda Carter

as WonderWoman Linda Carter rocked the red, white and blue in an American style. Proving to the world that truth and justice are just as sexy as being bad.  Born a natural beauty, Linda Carter had the figure to pull off the role. She resembled the American male dream of a shero and secretary at the same time. Now there was an excuse for little boys to play with dolls (I mean action figures) and still feel masculine.

Daisy Duke

2. Katherine Bach

as Daisy Duke. Katherine Bach made a suburb full of teens feel like they were missing out on growing up wild in the country. Suddenly hay seed was cool. In a world where there are miles of dirt roads to race down, your sexy cousin wears cut offs,your uncle sells moon shine and breaking the law is honorable, it’s nothing but a teenage boyhood dream come true.


1. Richard Simmons

Sweating was cool, especially when you were Richard Simmons. Inspiring weight loss in a generation of bored stay at home mom’s, the fitness guru saw into the future of American habits and attitudes and tried with a fervent desire to get people off the couch and in front of their tv’s to join him in a quest to stay fit. He accomplished fame and success while wearing nothing more than a tank top and short shorts. Oh and did I mention he did all of this as a man!

you can find Richard Simmons on twitter!

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