WTF America?

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OMG! How did we get here? Trump or Hillary? It was so obvious that Bernie Sanders won this election. The only logical choice to follow Obama. He only scratched the surface of what Bernie would only dig deeper into. Social correctness not political incorrectness. Embracing diversity of mankind and not using it for wars and social discontent.

Obama, what can I say? America’s first black President to visit a prison and care about the incarcerated, to approach Native American concerns, attempt a first approach to try to get insurance out of health care. Fight climate change and stop a war with Iran. Go to Mars instead of wars with Russia who just gave US and them send astronauts to the ISS a space station we keep with our friends in Russia.

They’ve Sold Your News Source

Everything is for sale. Your personal data, your government, your wedding and your funeral. It’s every man for himself and there’s a reason.  Wars have been for sale since before you were born and they charged you for them. It was your dime that did everything you never wanted done.

This is not sustainable as a species.

Hillary wants open borders, Trump wants closed borders. Trump wants to keep manufacturing home creating minimal wage jobs.  Hillary helping Walmart and other major Corps out source everything. Gambling on America’s ability for future tech, she is betting that we are smart enough to create the next tech to keep our economy going and hopefully growing. Reaching new frontiers.

Trumps’s world would refuel America with jobs in manufacturing and labor. Leaving the under class and uneducated in America defenseless and vulnerable to their needs of survival. Close the borders and close out the world has been repeated in history. It set china back 600 years. America’s biggest accomplishments came from foreign students via the H1B visa.

We steal smart people from other countries. We began doing this at the end of WWII.  Wernher von Braun and about 1400 others are the first time we saw America blatantly forgive war crimes for knowledge.  The H1B visa was only created to lure to smartest people on the planet to our universities and hopefully stay in America.

Everyone knows a NWO is coming. Does it take care of OUR basic needs first, or a bureaucracy of people living off our tax dollars. We are a ecosystem like it or not. This world, this current political system corrects us biologically or it corrupts us. What would you rather live in, a stagnant pond or a growing ocean of life. It’s up to us and what we want. That’s why I’m writing in #BernieSanders

Gaia Speaks

Featuredhumans are aliens

Humans Are The Aliens

Once the Earth had enough cables and connections encompassing her to form a neural network, she woke up.  Gaia speaks to man in the future creating the aliens that we’ve always searched for. What if the first aliens are us!

Rev James’ first short story available on Google Play Books.

Follow Stein and Sed on their tragic yet beautiful journey across the Milky Way and make first contact. Eye glasses, prosthetics to implants.  How could you not see this coming?  The world isn’t about to end it’s about to wake up.  Gaia Speaks.

The Kecksburg UFO

For over ten years now I have given up watching television or playing video games. Instead I spent my free time reading Freedom Of Information Act Files released by the US government. I went from scripted, made up programing to what our government has actually been doing as a media source. The results blew me away.

My friends call me a conspiracy theorist because of it although I have never listened to Coast to Coast or Alex Jones. I’m not an Art Bell fan I’m a Carl Sagan fan. The views of the world between myself and my coworkers, friends and family became as different as an Atheist and a Christian. I am not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a reader of US government documents. Why such a dramatic change in my life, what’s going on?

Searching through NASA HQ Huston FOIA files I discovered the 1st file ever uploaded was titled Kecksburg UFO. Understand that the data base starts with the last file uploaded and you have to scroll through them chronologically to get to the first one. This took me through hundreds of files related to the Challenger accident which seemed to be strangely blank on most of the files. Finally I had found it, the first FOIA NASA uploaded was called Kecksburg UFO.

Kecksburg UFO

It contained a PDF of a manifest from the US Dept of Resources who apparently warehoused objects recovered by NASA and the military. In the early 1960’s NASA and the US military both had a program to track incoming objects in the Earths atmosphere and retrieve them. One was called Sputnik 4 in which they seemed to be able to recover a large part of the spy satellite but also photographs it had taken. They had also retrieved titanium balls and other bizarre objects falling into the Earths atmosphere.


This was the ice breaker. Most likely a spy satellite retrieval mission disguised as a UFO encounter. The two would become ever entwined. Spy missions and UFO’s filled with misinformation. We can’t look up to see what’s going on directly above our heads because there are people wanting to look down.

My friends were more interested in the next Superbowl or big movie. I kept reading.

oakridge sighting.png

It turns out we’ve been being watched. Our nuclear capabilities and experiments seemed to draw attention to us humans on Earth.


RT Paul Hellyer tried to let us know WIKI

A group called The Citizens Hearing On Disclosure tried to let us know. Video

What I’ve learned from years of reading US FOIA’s is this. We haven’t made contact because we are being watched by beings greatly more powerful than us. They don’t want to. They may have pretended to be our Gods in our past. Factually, we don’t know.

UFOs and Nukes





NASA’s Long Dead ‘IMAGE’ Satellite is Alive!

Riddles in the Sky

Over the past week the station has been dedicated to an S-band scan looking for new targets and refreshing the frequency list, triggered by the recent launch of the mysterious ZUMA mission.  This tends to be a semi-annual activity as it can eat up a lot of observing resources even with much of the data gathering automated the data reviewing is tedious.

Upon reviewing the data from January 20, 2018, I noticed a curve consistent with an satellite in High Earth Orbit (HEO) on 2275.905MHz, darn not ZUMA… This is not uncommon during these searches.  So I set to work to identify the source.

A quick identity scan using ‘strf’ (sat tools rf) revealed the signal to come from 2000-017A, 26113, called IMAGE.

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The Yaogan-30 high-revisit constellation

This article initially appeared on, a French-language blog about the Chinese military and aerospace industry

On November 24th, 2017, a Chinese CZ-2C rocket launched a trio of spy satellites. The payload was designated Yaogan-30-02, and was injected into a 600km orbit with a 35° inclination.

The Yaogan-30-01 trio The Yaogan-30-01 trio

Although China is relatively open about its military launches, not much is known about the Yaogan-30 satellites, which are a new addition to the Chinese reconnaissance system. On September 29, 2017, a first trio was launched in a similar orbit, under the designation Yaogan-30-01. China described the purpose of the satellites as being to “carry out technological experiments on electromagnetic environments“, which sounds like an euphemism for signal intelligence.

Indeed, satellite triplets are often used for signal intelligence, for instance in the American NOSS constellation or China’s own Yaogan-16, -17, -20 and -25 triplets. The advantage of…

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280 million-year-old fossil reveals origins of chimaeroid fishes

Science Life

High-definition CT scans of the fossilized skull of a 280 million-year-old fish reveal the origin of chimaeras, a group of cartilaginous fish related to sharks. Analysis of the brain case of Dwykaselachus oosthuizeni, a shark-like fossil from South Africa, shows telltale structures of the brain, major cranial nerves, nostrils and inner ear belonging to modern-day chimaeras.

This discovery, published early online in Nature on Jan. 4, allows scientists to firmly anchor chimaeroids—the last major surviving vertebrate group to be properly situated on the tree of life—in evolutionary history, and sheds light on the early development of these fish as they diverged from their deep, shared ancestry with sharks.

“Chimaeroids belong somewhere close to the sharks and rays, but there’s always been uncertainty when you search deeper in time for their evolutionary branching point,” said Michael Coates, PhD, professor of organismal biology and anatomy at the University of…

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