The Problem With The Oklahoma Earthquake


by @revjamesbjones

It was to shallow and covered to much land mass and that’s a problem.
It looks like a 300 million year old fault line has reawakened.
I was raised in central Texas. I worked in the oilfield fracking in the early 80’s. Fracking contributes to already occurring natural events.
I personally know they where injecting wells with muriatic acid as disposal for a few decades in the past in Oklahoma which erodes lime stone on contact. Try pouring vinegar on baking soda and you’ll see what it does. It looks like they’ve contributed to a waiting event.

This 300 million year old fault line was awakened because of the location of the BP New Horizon accident. Millions of gallons of oil 5 miles deep leaked out for months. Creating a void that was not reinjected as required by law in Oklahoma for there wells.
This void lies at the southern most point of the New Madrid Fault Line. Between The New Madrid and the San Andreas lies ancient fault lines that pass under Oklahoma. We’re simply connecting the faults through human action.

We live on a busted up planet. Tectonic plates floating on lava that allows the formation of volcanoes and mountains.
Nuclear testing, deep drilling, mining and fracking are the last things you want to do here. We remove oil and replace it with water to very different substances. We mine and tunnel where we want to.
Extraction of materials and creating relief points would want to be done after a full acertation of the geological environment was done.
Even then it would be with our fingers crossed.

Oklahoma oil

Climate change is the same thing.
Our immediate atmosphere is only 10 miles thick and is replenished through constant out gassing from the planet.
From things like plants and the ocean. Animal and human breathing and farting. To cars and factories and the earth it’self is capable of massive and deadly releases. These gasses aren’t trapped here
with us, they bleed off and are continually replaced by more out gassing.
The planet is already in a warming mode and fossil fuel burning
only contributes to the current circumstance.

There is a term called “death by a thousand paper cuts”. Fukushima,
raging forest fires, melting permafrost, depleting ice, fracking, auto exhaust, plastic depletion, garbage dumps. We’ve significantly changed what’s out gassing on the surface of the earth. Changing our atmosphere. We do have control over what we breath because we cause it. The scales are tipping in favor of our out gassing.
We need to tip the scales in our favor or they’ll fall faster the wrong way than our ability to stop them.

No room at the church

I could be wrong and I hope I am but should we not be properly using the planet scientifically instead of commercially? Things like the Oklahoma earthquake will only get worse. So will climate change. I’m just saying. There does not seem to be anymore room left in the manager for all of us. Maybe it’s time we start taking care of ourselves.  We are the keepers of this planet and how we treat it is how it will treat us.

Rev James Jones


The Power Of Intent

Power of Intent rice experiment
The Power Of Intent
Rice Experiment

Day One.

Rev James
by Rev James Jones

Can words make a difference in the out come of things?  Like life, death, growth and the world around us.  Let’s give it a try and see.  My wife Shannon (@BBWBeautys on twitter) has agreed to participate by conducting an experiment.  Does the power of intent work?  Her first goal is thirty days.

What she’s working with;

  1.  Three sterile glass jars
  2.  Three cups of rice
  3.  Three different intentions
  4.  A marker
  5. A kitchen steamer full of boiling water

“Using a kitchen steamer. I placed the jars, lids, utensils and seals in the top and steamed them for 10 minutes to be sure they are sterile. I placed them on a clean towel to air dry.” -Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones

On each jar she will label the intention.  Love, hate and ignore.  Rice has been around a long time for a reason, it stores well if kept dry.  A food source that can be easily stored.  Shannon will sterilize three glass jars and pour a one cup of rice into each jar.  The one marked love will receive words of love and encouragement.  The one marked hate will be talked badly to, while the one marked ignore will be totally ignored.  Nothing should happen to any of the jars, rice should easily store for thirty days.

How To Boil Jars
Sterilizing the Jars

We will post an update video at TheKnowledgeful‘s You Tube channel every Saturday for the month of March and the first week of April.  After thirty days if there hasn’t been any results we will add equal amounts of water to each jar and repeat the process.

As a side note, Shannon isn’t the only one talking to the jars of rice.  By day two my daughter and her SO readily added words of encouragement and discouragement to the appropriate jars.  Shannon already feels sympathy for the ignored jar whom by the way got the small jar just as intended.  Will anything happen?  There’s only one way to find out.


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