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Love Doesn’t Hurt

Love isn’t suppose to hurt.

It’s suppose to help.

Life doesn’t give us many opportunities but when it dose,
then we had better be aware they are there.
Otherwise we may fall victim to being captured by events outside our desire.
Don’t be led astray. If it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t.
If you feel uncomfortable, then there is a REASON.
TRUST your guts (your inner instinct).
If it’s really Love, it won’t hurt. ♥


The Worlds Smallest Shorts

The Worlds Smallest Shorts

with time and money consuming our lives, do we once stop and think about whats really important. In America today we spend more on a pair of shorts this big, than most of the planet spends on a wardrobe for the entire year.
Is this what you call success ?

Well we do.
Find it,
Wear it,
Spend it.
What else is life for than finding
the smallest shorts you can,
and telling the world, “READ MY BUTT”

But Seriously, if you don’t think contributions
to charitable aids HELP, then your not getting the fashion statement. Help where you can, When you can. So World
hunger isn’t so serious, then we can take our
Love What You Wear
Rev. James B. Jones

The Whore Cyrus

Astounding to me and hopefully, to most of you as well, that I have actually seen this term. “The whore Cyrus,” in reference to Miley Cyrus. Not a prostitute or porn star but a Disney Star.

In a world where you create your universe by your own thoughts, how many woman, or girls must hate themselves so much as to direct their mean intentions toward a girl they never have met.
At the age of fourteen how many of them would be able to manage stardom, a career and a public persona?
Any odd actions we saw from Brittney Spears was nothing more than the delayed reaction of a teen age girl whom so many were jealous of and had lashed out at. And for what, chasing a dream, or was it being successful at it?
Even with all the persecution and hatred that Brittney has had to endure through her teenage life, just because you knew her name, she still has to get up every morning and carry on. It is that easy to forget that not only are these real people, but young girls that have had the same feelings and doubts as any of you.
I would dare any American girl to put on her shortest booty shorts, walk on to a stage in front of 10’s of thousands of people, and perform as expected. Without showing a single fear, revealing a single doubt, expressing even one misplaced intention.

After all that envy and hatred directed toward any one teenage American girl, weather it be Brittney or Miley or whomever, to come out as well as either of them have, alive, healthy, happy and successful, I have to admit that I am proud of the girls who represent “The American Teenage Girl.”
And no I am not Justin Bieber’s biggest fan, I can’t find any animosity towards him. For what, following a dream, finding success, daring to climb on stage and do what most of us can’t, being yourself under the scrutiny of the public eye.
Rehabs are filled with AMERICAN child stars and I don’t believe it was the industry that put them there, but more likely the people who did not consider themselves to be fans. If you can’t support America’s youth, can you at least not hurt them. Because after all, rich or poor, famous or obscure, inside they are or at least were, children of ours. Most of the world knows the names Brittney Spears and Miley Cyrus, American girls being just that, American girls. When Katy Perry sings “Teenage Dream,” I know at least one of them understood what they where capable of, and that even with any faults they might have, I am proud to call them American Idols.

Your Mouth Has Many Uses

Your Mouth has many uses, most of them involving pleasure. For instance, eating, drinking, licking and blowing. You can also whisper sweet nothings, blow(in someone’s ear). Kissing, giving hickies, touching some one with your mouth is one the most erotic and sensual experiences there is. Telling secrets or using your words to seduce some one is almost religious.

But you can also use your words to hurt some one. By belittling them or making them feel stupid. Words can be used to make some one fall in love with you, which would be almost impossible without a mouth. When you use them same mouth to seduce some one, then turn around and use them same mouth to hurt them, then your betraying your own words. What you say suddenly has no meaning. Much like them same way liars are perceived, they’re words are empty and are ignored.

We have to ignore the words of verbal abusers, they are usually the same mouth that try to tell us they love us, and you can’t use your mouth for both. Once you’ve used it to hurt me, then when you try later to say you “love” me, I perceive you as a liar. Then your words have no meaning and might as well not even have a mouth. So if you don’t know how to use it then keep it shut. Because everytime you do, your letting others hear how much you know.

Rev. James B. Jones