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baby baby I'm falling in love

Then you just won the lottery.  Did you know you can be married by

The Rev James Jones

 The Rev James isn’t just a Internet Reverend, he is also one in real life. Licensed in the State of Arkansas U.S.. He’s performed many weddings over the years for people who where in love for the first time and those, due to Alzheimers,  just met again and wanted to renew their vows before the end.  Love isn’t something to take for granted, it’s something to cherish for an eternity.  So if you want to get married in North West Arkansas.

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by Rev James

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“Love is not knowing how are why or from where it came. It is rarely if ever explained or understood. It can’t be sold or bought, it can’t be forced where it’s not, true love can only be found. It doesn’t know the difference in rich or poor, sickness or health. It can’t be touched yet it can be felt. Love can’t take, it can only give. Love creates and motivates, it inspires and fills our hearts with desire. Love can’t be purchased or grown from the ground. True love can only be found.

Because somethings are rare and hard to find, and can be sought after for a lifetime and never be found. It is a cause for celebration and joy once they are discovered. And so here we are gathered, witnessing the union between two souls, because today, true love has been found.” –Rev James Jones

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