It’s Play Time

Star Fox Cosplay

photography by Elliot Morgan
Slave Leia from Jadababy25 on DeviantArt
Slave Leia from Jadababy25 on DeviantArt
sexy cosplay girl


When you do Bowser yourself

Celebrity Cosplay That Got Away

Celebrities who did Cosplay and inadvertently got away with it. Kim, Gwen, Fergie, Mariah, Helen Boham Carter, they’ve all done it and didn’t even know. We did. Celebrity cosplay.

Cosplay from around the world. To dress up like your favorite
anything or anyone. Maybe even a point in time. To say something with what you wear
is more than fashion. It’s clothes meets life. In the olden days people (kids) had to wait for Halloween to dress up like their favorite action hero or the spookiest ghool they could conjurer. Not anymore, today we have Comic-Con’s, Steampunk Con’s and parties of every theme. Especially cosplay parties. Now people all over the world are making Mardi Gras seem like a thing of the past. This isn’t about beads, beer and boobs, this is about art that you wear. The style of self expression to embrace your passion as you act it out  in living color. We have a cosplay page on  Bad Girls With Guitars if you need a place to start. This page is for the best Global Cosplay photos we find online. So just enjoy…and cosplay on!

Wonder Woman

Justice Magazine

Wonder Woman Cosplay

Inside of every woman is a little girl that wants to put on a Wonder Woman Costume and we have several at Bad Girls With Guitars. There was a time when Halloween was the only except-able day to role play. But not anymore. Thanks to Comic-Con (coming this week somewhere on the planet)  there are a few more days in the year to put on your Wonder Woman Costume and go cosplay your little red, blue and gold butt off.

July 12-15 in San Diego California an expected 100,000 people are going to dress up and go play some cosplay. Here’s a little tribute to the woman who have put on their Wonder Woman Costume and played.

Painted Wonder Woaman from metromix

Home Grown Wonder Woman

Jessica Biel Wonder Woman

Jessica Biel Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman TVNBC wanted to revamp the series last year but didn’t feel they could pull it off.

A pilot episode was leaked out in small bits on YouTube, thats all we got.

Not having a huge shero after Zena on t.v., we had a chance at a new one for a minute.

Comic Book Movies

Wonder Woman Revamp

Steam Punk Wonder Woman

Steam Punk Wonder Woman

Hip Hop Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman deviantart

Wonder Woman deviantart

Wonder Woman Series

Kardashion Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Today

posing with Wonder Woman

posing with Wonder Woman

comic-con 2010

Wonder Woman Comic-con 2010

Wonder Woman Comic-con 2009

Wonder Woman Olivia Munn

Wonder Woman Comic-con 2011

Supergirl VS Wonder Woman from theCHIVE

Wonder Woman Photography

Wonder Woman 2008
Wonder Woman 2012

Wonder Woman The Movie



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