Celebrity Shorts

Get off my ass!
Take Off Your Pants

Thats All

If you we’re looking for snarky remarks about celebrities bodies and how they look in shorts then I’m sorry to disappoint you with my lack of jabber and gossip.  When we say celecrities in shorts we mean, Oh shut up and look at the pictures!

Kate Upton‘s Shorts

Get it? Good. Now thats all.


Lana Del Ray‘s Shorts

More Short?

How ’bout these?

hayden twerking

Hayden Panettiere Twerking


Still more shorts?

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco‘s photo shoot in shorts.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus‘s Daisy Dukes


kathy ferreiro's shorts

Kathy Ferreiro‘s denim booty shorts


Taylor Swft Shorts

Taylor Swift in black leather high waisted shorts


bad_girl_riri_shortsBadGirlRiRi‘s pink shorts


Gemma Arteron

Gemma Arteron

after that how ’bout

Kelly Pickler

kelly pickler maxim

more celebrity shorts?

Okay then, how ’bout?

my shorts are famous


Stars in Shorts

The Future Of Eye Make Up Just Moved Forward

smokey disco ball eye makeupEyes like a fantasy. {click the link below} Eyes past cosplay. Tomorrows eyes.

Future Eye’s


Still Need More Shorts?

Britney's knee highs

 How about Brittney‘s famous black leather shorts with her knee high orange boots?

No, okay then even more…

Our Company Mantra
Our Company Mantra

Celebrities in Shorts

What shorts?

Areanna Grande
Areanna Grande

Oh these shorts. Oh, okay. Not enough yet?  Then try more…

Famous Women In Shorts


Taylor Swift shake it off
Taylor Swift shaking off her shorts


Go See

short shorts

Shorts Of The Day

Hot girls who aren’t famous in shorts.  You know, creeper shots except we call them fashion police on the public.  Thats all.


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