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Rose Ann Barrs Bra

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Rose Ann Barr wardrobe malfunction

Do you remember when Baywatch was Hot?  Do you remember when David Hasselhoff was hot? Because that’s when this happened!  A chick with huge boobs walked around in her bra and made America hot! At the height of Pamela Andersen’s career. When boobs (oYo) were the obsession in #America, Roseann Barr did this. She walked around in a bra.

Rose Ann Barrs Tits
This is what boobs look like.


The Roseann Barr’s Bra scene

Thats right. A chubby girl with big boobs walked around in her bra to protest Pamela Anderson’s boobs. Hey! It’s America, I heard boobs!

Roseann Barr was at the top of her game. Yet Baywatch was global. Though Roseann Barr ruled America, Pamela Anderson and her boobs ruled the the world. Roseann Bar was the first full size woman to pull’em out on TV and walk around in her bra.