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The Shorts Magazine.com is authored, edited and published by The Rev.James Jones.

This site was founded February1st, 2012. With a focus on the history of women’s shorts wear, fashion, style and news. The main goal is to highlight women’s rights, equality and achievements in society. Our belief is that women can be sexy, fun, smart and influential on equal levels as men. Certain levels of society, though not all, require men to be masculine and successful to achieve respect. We at TheShortsMagazine.Com feel that women have the same right. Just because a women is feminine does not mean she isn’t smart and successful and if she is smart and successful also does not mean she can not be feminine. Although we understand that people in general will ultimately be themselves, a certain stereotype exists in today’s cultural that predicates a roll of women to be one or the other. We feel that have the right to be both.

In reality they do. In our article’s we strive to make the link between the two while contributing to an understanding of style, art, culture and human behavior with a little humor.

Our Goal

Is simple. To tell you about the latest news in women’s rights here in America and around the world. To show you the boundaries of women’s sexuality as well as their achievements in fame, science, literature, art and equality.

The Rev James Jones

Rev JamesI was born in central Texas and raised with a duty to protect women and children, the resources of a family. To respect the elderly and honor your mother and father. As a child I grew up on a farm although my mother required of me to take painting, guitar and piano lessons so that I would have an appreciation of the arts. This developed my love for writing and between my mother and grandmother I developed a deep  respect of the southern belle. Grandiose femininity with a strong personality. While men were required to achieve a level of masculinity, women were also required to maintain a level of femininity while also possessing the skills to be a business manager, cook, teacher, seamstress and a farm hand. Values and beliefs of one’s self were crucial but also fun, at least from my point of view.

After getting my own television at 12. I discovered there was more to PBS than Sesame Street. Evening programing like Frontline and NOVA gave me a better understanding of the world and a curiosity of astrophysics, astronomy, science and social behavior. I saw the first Star Wars movie at a drive in movie theater in Southern Texas in 1976 and read every Carl Sagan, Isak Asimov and Eric Von Daniken book I could find. I went through all the classics like David Copperfield, Ernest Hemingway and J.R.R. Token. Eventually I returned to my love of science and read (repeatedly for understanding purposes) books like The Origin of Species and Cosmological Considerations in the General Theory of Relativity. I had a subscription to Rolling Stone the year John Lennon was shot. I tried my shot at a teenage garage band and have never stopped playing.

I married my lovely wife Shannon in 1988 and we were bestowed with a daughter Kara, or you may know her blog SquiddlyDo.com. After living in Austin, Texas for eight years where I purchased my first computer, a Tandy TR-80(CLR) which I eventually replaced with an IBM 386. I learned to replace my type writer with a computer. I have written a (unpublished) book, poetry, music, brochures and now blogs.

We relocated to gorgeous Beaver Lake in Arkansas the fall of 1994, where we live happily today.

My hobbies are GIMP, HTML, web-mastering, SEO, advertising, SEM, web development and blogging.


The Rev. James Jones Currently resides in North West Arkansas and is a licensed minster in the state of Arkansas.

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