FBI`s Declassified Report About UFOs and Otherworldly Beings



There is nothing new with this declassification, but posting it anyway, just so we wont forget about it. And it is no secret any more that governmental agencies are keeping matters regarding otherworldly visitors out of reach, but the FBI has recently initialized an attempt to redeem their name by declassifying a fully documented report about UFOs and intelligent being from other dimensions that have been visiting Earth. Could all this fuzz be due to the openness from the Russian side?

Over the years there have been reports of UFO sightings throughout the world. Some individuals even caught unexplained UFOs on video. But no matter how many sources came forward with evidence of stuff that defied logic it seemed as if no government agency, especially in the United States wanted to admit there was such a thing as aliens beings from other planets coming to Earth. In fact, many government…

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