WTF America?

OMG! How did we get here? Trump or Hillary? It was so obvious that Bernie Sanders won this election. The only logical choice to follow Obama. He only scratched the surface of what Bernie would only dig deeper into. Social correctness not political incorrectness. Embracing diversity of mankind and not using it for wars and social discontent.

Obama, what can I say? America’s first black President to visit a prison and care about the incarcerated, to approach Native American concerns, attempt a first approach to try to get insurance out of health care. Fight climate change and stop a war with Iran. Go to Mars instead of wars with Russia who just gave US and them send astronauts to the ISS a space station we keep with our friends in Russia.

They’ve Sold Your News Source

Everything is for sale. Your personal data, your government, your wedding and your funeral. It’s every man for himself and there’s a reason.  Wars have been for sale since before you were born and they charged you for them. It was your dime that did everything you never wanted done.

This is not sustainable as a species.

Hillary wants open borders, Trump wants closed borders. Trump wants to keep manufacturing home creating minimal wage jobs.  Hillary helping Walmart and other major Corps out source everything. Gambling on America’s ability for future tech, she is betting that we are smart enough to create the next tech to keep our economy going and hopefully growing. Reaching new frontiers.

Trumps’s world would refuel America with jobs in manufacturing and labor. Leaving the under class and uneducated in America defenseless and vulnerable to their needs of survival. Close the borders and close out the world has been repeated in history. It set china back 600 years. America’s biggest accomplishments came from foreign students via the H1B visa.

We steal smart people from other countries. We began doing this at the end of WWII.  Wernher von Braun and about 1400 others are the first time we saw America blatantly forgive war crimes for knowledge.  The H1B visa was only created to lure to smartest people on the planet to our universities and hopefully stay in America.

Everyone knows a NWO is coming. Does it take care of OUR basic needs first, or a bureaucracy of people living off our tax dollars. We are a ecosystem like it or not. This world, this current political system corrects us biologically or it corrupts us. What would you rather live in, a stagnant pond or a growing ocean of life. It’s up to us and what we want. That’s why I’m writing in #BernieSanders