My Heritage Is Here

Welcome #AEON

Aeon pretend napping
Aeon pretend napping

She’s already pretending to be asleep. She’s not though because she keeps peeking with one eye, to make sure everyone is still here.


Wow! What a wild ride it’s been. How do we start from here. Okay, first my mom died in December of 2015.  We expected that though, it’d been coming for awhile.  Two years actually.  She called me two years before she died and asked me if I’d be okay if she was gone. She said she was tired.  You have to understand I hadn’t had a coherent  conversation with my mom in several years.  She’d been bed ridden for along time and her mental health had failed.  This call was different, she was awake for the first time mentally in years. Her voice was clear and to the point.  Before she used to always say, “I don’t know what to say,” when my dad would put her on the phone.

I ensured her I would, told her what a perfect mom she had been.  If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the child I have today because she taught me how to raise children.  I thanked her for that and the life she’d given me.  Her funeral was complete closure for me.

Then we came home to Gary.  My nephew had moved in with us a year earlier after a divorce, he was troubled.  Kara (my daughter) and Hugo went and got him on December 10th, 2014 from Tulsa. Three days after we got back from my moms funeral my wife Shannon found him in the back of her car dead.  His funeral was December 10th, 2014.  A year to the day he moved in.  He’d taken his own life with no respect to our feeling or needs.  He was selfish.

February  2015 my daughter tells me she’s pregnant.  It’s time for our family to move on.  If you knew how much this girl did not like babies you would understand the irony of this blog post. I was over whelmed and so thankful.  Her SO (Hugo) was perfect for her. They would have a perfect child together  They had some problems in their relationship but nothing compared to the rest of the worlds problems, they were better together than they knew.  They were really good from  cutting themselves off from society and just being themselves.

Now we were ready for the pregnancy! Weird food cravings, weight gain, complaining about her back, a baby shower.  All the things that come with a pregnancy.  That’s not what happened.  Before any of that could start my kid called me at work.  She never dose that.  “Dad, I’m having the baby.” She was calm as fuck and my heart dropped.  She was at 25 weeks gestation.

“Goddamn it!” Was all I could think.  My pet dachshund (Syxx) of 14 years had died in November of 2014.  The first of many deaths to soon follow.  How much more could the universe dump on me.  Does the end of your life really happen this fast?  I fucking 50 for christ sake.  Turns out no it doesn’t

A New Beginning

baby christmas elf 2016


Aeon came home the evening before Thanksgiving.  I spent Thanksgiving 2015 with my granddaughter!  After five months in a NICU in Little Rock she came home for the holidays. We have a lot of bills but that doesn’t matter.  Thanks to a quick GoFundMe they were able to get back and forth the 300 mile trip. Five months of sleeping in a waiting room, keeping up with bills, insurance and jobs in a piece of crap car that she somehow managed to repair.  Plus she just bought her first piece of property.  we are poor by the way so this took some kind of skill.

What my daughter has done since is remarkable.  She’s got a daughter, a baby who is so freaking happy it’s spooky. This kid is smiling and grinning, talking to herself in goo language.  Born five months early she came home healthy and happy.  Science did this, to it I owe my life.  I stand on the shoulders of giants.  Everything is possibly because of all of those that came before me.

I might think I’m an idiot but I’m actually as smart as those I listen to. I listened to my daughter when she said it was time to make a new start. Thank you universe. Welcome to the universe Aeon.



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