Born Out Of Time

and I Know Why

I was born out of time and I think I know why. There is a major religious war going on across Syria and Iraq right now. Born from the books left behind claiming either God or Allah are true, the killing continues. Science does not find any evidence of either one of these events being historically accurate. As a matter of fact the archaeological record shows clearly that both of these religions were plagiarized from the Egyptians who plagiarized the Sumerians. Like a great big game of telephone.  The game you played in school that taught how rumores change rapidly and are swayed by beliefs. That is what happened to our history. Except over along period of time.

This war has raged on for a millennium. A newer religion by archaeological standards it replaced reality for a majority of Americans in 1935. That is when they introduced God into the Pledge of Allegiance and added In God We Trust to our money.  A nationalist act to indoctrinate children that goes on across the globe. Teach them your beliefs so they’ll do what we want. This is no longer a conspiracy theory it’s a fact.

Today they are called ISIS. This religious war is so extreme it has now involved Russia. Famous for non indoctrination of religion, just like China, it has been forced to respond, Russia has been called into a now world wide conflict. Turkey and oh, by the way did I mention America.  I admit, the same atrocities that are going on across Africa, are the same  in the middle east and the only reason we are not there is oil.  Today that is blatantly obvious. It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore it’s blindingly obvious.  I know why we are there. The same reason Jerusalem exist. Trust me, I know. I was a Methodist youth Minister.  I’m still a minister today, an internet minister marrying atheist, gays and other types of believers. These children are being taught everything I knew was wrong as fact.

I know more people who believe in fairies than aliens. This is how deep a belief versus a consensus goes.   Today with what we know it is more likely that intelligent alien life exist and probably by the multitude and has visited this planet again and again. Manipulating our DNA. How do we know this?  Because of the Drake equation. Here is why you need faith in what I am about to say.  I am a globalist, that means I have empathy for all of humanity.  Unfortunately that is not currently possible no matter how hard I wish it was true. Where do I find faith?


Churchill warned the US and  the UN very clearly that If we created the state of Israel our grand-children would see WWIII because of religion. We are leading humanity  into a religious war.  As science minded individuals we can not let this happen. There has to be something we can do.  As a matter of fact we have to.  Our planet has just experienced climate change.  The polar vortex broke down over the lsat few years and now the major force of the jet stream isn’t over the Rockies anymore.  Instead a portion of the trade winds blows straight up Mexico and Texas now.  Bringing rain that would have otherwise fell in the Pacific leaving the entire state of Texas flooded for the first time in our known history, twice, this year.

I was born out of time.  In my utopia, there would be no war.  There would be no need for police, I have the ability to police myself because I mean no harm to anyone or being capable of emotion.  There would need to be volunteers, who we now have an abundant supply, to take care of all civic needs. There are people wanting to help and give everywhere.  Thanks to the internet, that is beginning to happen at a tremendous speed. Hotlinks and watch threads are tying the world closer and close together.

Who knew the third world war would begin with an influx of refugees fleeing war and global catastrophes caused by climate change.  Our planets changing before my eyes and most people are still blind. Such is life I suppose.


There are those who want and those who need.  America is consumed by capitalism which mandates you buy what you don’t need.  Christmas is a perfect example.  we used to buy what we needed to survive.  It was all we could afford, if that.  Times were hard and it was a struggle to survive.  Getting what you needed meant you were successful, you would most likely survive. Once we reached the age of abundance our natural instinct to survive turned us into hoarders and consumers.  Greedy individuals unaffected by our fellow man. your own species.  This fits no need for survival.  Every Eco-system is driven by a chain of life. The most efficient system is the most successful, we are no different. Whether we believe it or not we are in a biological sphere of life. Trapped in our own ecosystem.  Growing larger and larger as it may be.  We are still here, a tiny bit of the whole. Wars may rage and conflicts will still arise all because of fight or flight. Unless we embrace life and treat it as our own religion only one thing will be true.

Those lost to their religion will be forever so as long as they are being told what to know. Advertising and media are the new religion, the new doctrine.  You only know what you are told.  Whom ever controls your  media controls your reality.  At least here we know science has already won.


An overwhelmingly large portion of the planet is still trapped in an animal instinct mode. Others are open to critical like minded thinking that says, We are one people, one species. One origin, earth.  We are not even sure that aliens haven’t in the past and maybe currently altering our DNA.

Russia is currently confronting ISIS while America bolsters to NATO. Refugees from the middle east are flooding Europe. World War III is not what you thought it would be. The planets been touched by climate change. Syria and California are out of ground water. People are on the move in mass migrations. Protest rock the world everywhere. Guy Fawkes Day no longer represents Europe but the entire world. The rich have gotten so rich that the poor are left with nothing. A game of monopoly was played.  The winners won and we all go on.  Wondering what comes next. A generation lost by technology confronted by religion.  The two will not bode well together.


As we here in America become more aware of the redistribution of the worlds populace we will encounter more and more diverse beliefs. We only have to take them as a grain of salt.  That which makes life spicy.  The truth is NASA has discovered via Kepler that the Drake equation is true. There is a planet around every star.  Usually several.  They are more bizarre than we expected.  NASA suspected KIC 8462852 and Ceres of containing alien bases and still can’t rule out either one.  They’ve taken another look at the pyramids and the Nazca lines.  We have probes and landers all over our immediate vicinity in the cosmos.

I understand the connection we have with the universe and I’m trapped on a planet full of monkeys who don’t believe that this is what they are. People wear their heart on their shoulders. There is a reason for that.  They can’t help it. Their emotional attachment to their inner self demands it. They are just as pre-programmed as AI will be. Unable to vary from preconceived norms. Trapped by teaching that left them blind to truth and knowledge they are children of the past.  Hard to relate to because of ideology and myths I understand now, I was born out of time.



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