It’s Time To Stop Slavery

and All The Madness

These are people. These are women. These are mothers and these are daughters.  Maybe not yours or mine but of this planet.  We are one species on one planet.  United we stand, divided we separate the wheat from the chaff and move on.  This is about us as a human species and this is enough.  This is why?

There is a high likely hood that aliens are coming here because they are sterile and need our women for eggs.  Sounds like a joke right?

Look at it like this.  Life is prevalent in the universe but it acts the same way as it does here on earth.  In other words it’s everywhere you don’t want it to be.  It shows up everywhere and ruins everything.  It’s just like us because we were made in it’s image.

Religion is dangerous because it says you can be forgiven.  If you break a statue when you are 21 or molest a girl when you were 12, you’ve caused damage.  In a 100 years the statue is still broke and in 50 years so is the girl.  She is a cumulation of her life experiences.  Like a flower, what you give her she will become.  If you don’t believe  me become a parent.

As far as we are concerned as humans, time does not end. We do.  From the cradle to the grave we are aware of our existence, our time here on Earth.  That is our time.  The Earth goes on. What we do, how we act, what we teach to the future generations is what the outcome will be.  The millennialist have broken the bonds of TV.  They are not captives of advertisement programing. It is called programming for a reason.  They are sharing the world in real time.  Forming bonds of like ideals and perceptions.  Creating stores of knowledge and growth for human potential.  Yet, we live with this on most of the planet.

Miley Cyrus is sucking a sex dolls dick on stage while Arabs are throwing fags off the roof tops and people are killing in the name of their beliefs.   We’re making drug lords and the mob wealthy and feed a military while we as a people starve to death.  If there ever was a creator he surely didn’t intend this.

No human should ever be a slave.  Not in a US prison or an Arab home.  Not even Africa or South America!  This is what the UN is for.  Equality and protection from real threats to humanity.  Like our atmosphere and ocean.  Our sun.  Aliens and asteroids.  I admit, what is science fiction for most people is a reality to me but once you’ve seen the truth you can not unsee it. If we as a species have tried to control women, like chickens do or lions do, to control the evolution of our species, aliens would do the same.  They’d just be better at it than us.

Whos Watching The Door?

We are a tiny speck of a planet in a very large place.  People are important but who’s watching out for us in space.  It turns out NASA is, thank god or buddha or never mind.  Hubble has just discovered what it thinks could be a Dyson sphere and Cornell University thinks it has another. This is the first time we’ve looked by the way.  Pluto and Europa both are covered in green matter and Europa has visible blue water on the surface. There’s water on Mars, Pluto, Europa and Vesta.

#LetGirlsLearn I began writing this post two weeks ago. Today I’m sad i didn’t write it thirty years ago.  When your beliefs intrude on other peoples lives then your being a dick. Make it stop.  Terrorist nor governments have a right to take away anyone’s right to freedom and happiness.  As long as they live within the constrains of a simple moral code. Don’t hurt anything you don’t have to.  When you do, seek support from peers. We are one world, trapped together. Don’t make it suck.

Yet there are girls who aren’t even being taught how to read.  You are forever denied your own immediate history but that of your forefathers  as well.  We have pride in America because of our long and prestigious past.  How can anyone have pride in themselves without knowing what there legacy was.  By being not able to read these girls, women, mothers and grandmothers are denied that.  This has got to stop! We don’t have time for it. Let Girls Learn.



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