Time for chili

  • The Shorts Magazine loves chili. White chili, brown chili, chicken chili, beef chili or even vegan chili. When it gets chilly it warms the body and soul and wraps its foodie arms around you and hugs you. Beans are a vital part of chili. This is our heart healthy version of the chili that warms our souls. WP_20151010_010All the grease drains away. This amount made WP_20151010_007enough for me to send some home with the child.

WP_20151010_008Start the pintos on a quick cook method two hours before.

  1. Grill up the meat onions and spices. Cumin, Chili Powder and S&P to your taste. We always throw in some Goya Sauzon cuz it’s sooo tasty.Give it five minutes with the lid closed and turn it all and cook a couple more minutes till there is only a tiny bit of pink left. Don’t overcook, it is going into the boiling beans.
  2. When all the grease has drained away add it to the beans along with one small can of tomatoes and green chilis to your preferred spiciness.
  3. WP_20151010_012(1)Keep it low and    slow for about an hour.
  4. Have some wine and relax. Dinner is ready as soon as you want it to be.

The bread bowl was a plus, but sure enough crackers are awesome too. We just use the unsalted ones. I know some of you were eyeballing the pork, but the flavor minus the grease is irreplaceable. I also can’t tell you how important cumin is in any chili or taco recipe. Stop buying taco seasoning or chili seasoning. it is all a balance of cumin and chili powder.

Beans are a great source of protein and the spices are all great for circulation, try it without salt added and add some good wine vinegar for a kick. The Reverend is going to put Sriachi Garlic sauce on it, so we will save the sodium till then.

Seriously, if you don’t know flip about cooking it’s time to learn the basics.

I hope you eat healthy and snuggle up to a bowl.


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