Island Plate

I am not ashamed to admit it, I do it just like 130,000 other people do in this area. From time to time I visit the foodbank. Usually I will go for the sole purpose of taking someone who really needs to use the services. Due to unseen tiny cute circumstances, I visited for myself and the Reverend to get a few healthy meal options to extend the not-cardiac-friendly pantry we have been suffering through.
Almost all of the items used in this recipe were donated through a Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. I got more than I needed for this wonderful meal with left overs and other healthy pantry fillers as well. Enjoy this Easy Peasy Dinner42


  • 2lbs thin sliced chicken breast marinated in 1/2 cup BBQ,1/4 cup Soy Sauce, 1/2 cup beer and Coarse ground pepper.
    2lbs of assorted chunks of melon and pineapple chunks.
    2lb bag of mixed salad greens and 1lb bag of shredded carrots
    one can of sliced black olives (optional, Of course)
    I love to use the George Foreman for these things. So heat it up.

Give the chicken a good ten minutes to marinate, but as it does I use my tongs and really press into the meat to break down those fibers and make sure it is getting the marinate deep into the meat. The rest of this is easy. It can be cooked and turned between Hulu commercials for you #TVAddicts.

Give the grill a spray with whatever you prefer. Place the chicken firmly onto the grill.
Place your melons and pineapple all around the outside edges and try to make sugrillingre its all even height. Chicken to fruits.
Go load a show and have a glass of wine. Give it ten minutes, or check if a commercial comes on.
Flip it all over, move the less brown things too where the browner things are real quick, and give it another five. Just time enough for a refill.
Next commercial, put the chicken and fruits to one side and put on the shredded carrots and olives, pour the marinate that was left over everything and shut the lid. Resume programming.

Island food recipes

The only thing left to do is do a bed of lettuce an/or greens of your choice. I was using what I received that day. Arrange it any flipping way you want, it’s going to taste awesome. It makes it’s own dressing as well. Give the chicken a few minutes to rest and then slice it into strips.

Arrange the strips or throw them in the middle, we don’t care Gotham is on! Dinner will get less creative as Supernatural starts.


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