How To Fix The Planet

Critical Thinking

Control what you believe. Allah doesn’t approve, Gods going to send you to hell. Idealisms of persona. Judgements. A belief system that was taught to you as you were raised as a child. You are influenced by what you see in your environment as a child outside of parental teachings also. Yet often times they are fit into the current teachings by reasoning and justification. All in all however, you are being taught what to believe by your parents, teachers and peers.

Full belief into any ideology is dangerous and leaves you vulnerable to delusion and deception as a means of control.  What you believe isn’t important, the control is in place and correction to beliefs are adjusted as needed by the teacher according to current social conditions. This is what happened to you during your childhood if you were raised in a religious family.  Or more simply said;

The only thing you know from your birth till about four or five, when your memories begin to form, is what you’ve picked up from your caregivers. They can be parents, grandparents, adoptive parents or just the people you were left with as a child. Then your memories begin to fill with their words and the interactions with other children who unfortunately live in families that have the same belief system as your family. Now you judge everything you see through their eyes. Their point of view, their perception that was passed down to them by their parents. It’s not their fault.

When they make a personal moral judgement they are responding to a taught condition just like a trained lab rat waiting for a treat. The promise of the afterlife, heaven, It’s a treat and it relieves the fear of the unknown about death. Realization of your own mortality triggers a fight or flight response. A basic animal instinct. Humans have feel ability to experience complex emotions and understanding of ideas. This ability is related to creativity. They happen in a calm state.

There are two states of emotional condition, calm or stressed. A wild animal exist entirely on these. He’s sleeping, playing, eating or drinking, maybe just relaxed he’s calm and passive. Peace. He’s fleeing a predator, protecting his children, hunting for food or sex, he’s in a fear state. Survival demands it. Run or fight, you’re a solider or a refugee. Once you become aware enough you’re going to die a fear response happens in your brain. All intelligent humans are currently experiencing this. Controlling these fears helps you control your emotions.

Racism is born of beliefs and preconceived moral judgements.  It generates hate and the fear response. It also gives marketers a clear indication of who you are. You only buy Kosher meat or will travel to Mecca. Your a target for sales. You are not an independent person capable of providing for yourself but dependant on a need. A product to be used. Learning how to provide for yourself and contribute to your community is your only hope for long term survival as a species.

Television and advertisers have known this for almost 65 years. Control someones emotions and you control what they do. Religion does the same thing and today so does the media. Two states, fear is a high frequency chaotic state that induces a panic mode or calm, a low frequency state that is able to encompass the whole of it’s surroundings. More emotions and more awareness due to more data input being available.  Emotions are forms of data input to your brain. As a matter of fact they are the only form of data input. They interpret the data and respond with output. Emotional response.

There exist the potential of the human collective to be aware to this form of thinking called Free Thinking. Make up your own mind about what you observe in the real world. Then respond appropriately. Drama in your life is born of fear. Hatred in your life is born of fear. Resentment in your life is born of fear. Someday you will die and know one as of yet can tell you what that next step brings. Today it looks like you are most likely a battery. A complicated system of electric currents pass from your nerve endings and receptors such as your eyes and ears to your brain and back out to your muscles, hardware. You are a computer.

You make shopping list, you take notes at work, you gather information to do your job. Read measurements, adjust pressures or control devices you are inputting data. As you compile answers you output data. Like it or not, your a computer. If you realize it or not, you work with them intimately everyday.  If you use a cell phone, laptop or ATM then you are already apart of the singularity. A point which man and machine become one. The machine is as smart as man the surpasses him in intelligence.

Now we can gather data, the whole of the human experience to the cloud. Questions may have already been answered and yet can still be questioned. Information you need has probably already been answered by someone else which gives you the luxury of moving on to the next problem or adding additional information to the current one. This form of democracy requires free and open access to all ideas and technology. Elon Musk recently did this with the plans to the Tesla electric car. The internet was born of it. Sharing ideas like sharing your grandma’s recipe. Profiteering is a fear response, sharing is a calm one.

Listen to 10 minutes of Data learning to be a humanist.

A true democracy can only exist if the people are informed. This began with the printing of the Gutenberg bible. The first press. It would continue because of news papers spreading knowledge and which contained propaganda from their earliest beginnings. Truths and lies mixed together. Through the 70’s and 80’s papers in Mexico contained a box border around government propaganda so they could tell.  Finding the truth can be hard but that’s why it’s up to you to use critical thinking and figure out how to fix this planet.


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