Hamburger Salad

Breadless Hamburgers

Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones

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empty salad

It has been a bit since I posted a recipe, but I feel this one deserves the Empty Nest label.

Our daughter has had a tiny, tiny eater. Hopefully, her appetite will develop. In the meantime, adults need to eat. The Rev. will testify to my dislike of bread ,and my love for the veg.
The last time I published a recipe, I was dealing with empty nest syndrome.
I have learned to cut the meals down to a portion of good size, and leftovers for lunches.
This is my bread free creation for the two of us. Cheeseburger Salad.

I use the trusty Foreman grill and a bit of fresh onion. Grill to the temp and done temp you prefer. Sprinkle a bit of cheese and I guess the rest is visual and self explanatory. If not , you can e-mail me and I will personally walk you through the process. The whole point is it’s easy peasy and just for two. Hey grill some toasty buns while your at it.

  • One quarter head to half of whatever lettuce you prefer.
  • One peeled cucumber, or not. The Reverend hates them.
  • Three sliced Roma tomatoes.
  • One quarter bottle of Italian dressing
  • 2OZ. Mustard
  • and One half cup of Mayo

I just mix the wet stuff together and shake it up. I love to mix the greens up with Iceberg, leaf  and butter lettuce. The tomatoes are choices too. The whole point is it’s dinner for two. As all my creations go, I put some aside for a lunch or snack the next day.

Hamburger Salad without bread


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