Something Changed

What just happened ? The earth just changed. A giant ball of methane has hoovered above the four corners region of the U.S. for months, maybe years and is growing.  Our polar vortex collapsed over a period of a few years and is gone.  The jet stream that used to come around the top of the Rockies and dip down into the central U.S. now follows the coast line of the western U.S. keeping rain from reaching land and contributing heavily to a draught.

The largest forest fires in the U.S.’s history currently burn in California and Washington as did Canada and Alaska suffer wild land fires of gigantic proportions in the last thirty days.  We had tornadoes in Canada this season and France only a few days ago. The largest El Nino or record. Three back to back typhon’s north of the equator for the first time in recorded history.  The largest flood in the history of Japan. The largest earthquake recorded by man in Chile. An 8.4 magnitude quake that was still producing after shocks of 4.5 to 5.0 every hour or so two days later. The earth quakes in Oklahoma are becoming more frequent and stronger on an almost daily basis.  They are also spreading into Texas and Kansas.

An unprecedented amount of shark attacks off the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Australia.  A USGS survey found millions of sharks off the Eastern coast of the U.S..  The largest bird sanctuary in Florida emptied in a matter of days.  240,000 gazel died in a matter of days. 38,000 seals found dead on a island off the coast of the Western U.S.. Their pups began to show up on the shores from Washington state to California over the next several days. Millions of deep sea crabs washed ashore in Southern California.  Half the worlds ocean fish from 1970 levels are gone.  NOAA found a ocean bed covered in death 140 miles off the coast of San Diego just a few months ago.  Over 30 whales found dead on the coast of Alaska and Canada.  There has been over 200 elephant attacks, most with human fatalities, in the last ten days with the most recent 13 hours and 8 hours ago as of this post.

This all happened in the span of this summer, most of it in the last month, some in the last week.  Then this happened in Costa Rica on September 15th, 2015.

Costa Rica Apocalypse Cloud

What just happened? Something changed.


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