Are We From Earth?

Rev James 

We Might Be Aliens!

Why don’t humans fit perfectly into the life cycle of Earth. If we have evolved on this planet just like everything else here we should, shouldn’t we?  We are currently at an epoch of human denial.  We deny evolution, climate change and extraterrestrial life.  We deny how we were created, our effect on our environment and the fact that we cannot be the the only self aware being on this planet.

Dogs look us in the eye as a learned behavior to predict our next intent.  They have spent some ten thousand years with us and we are part of their life cycle.  Whales and octopus look us in the eye because they are most likely self aware.  Anyone who has spent any amount of time looking one in the eye can testify to this.  If we aren’t even the only self aware species on the planet how is it possible for us to be in a vast universe.  It’s quite possible we aren’t.

It seems apparent intelligence is an evolutionary out come of a predatory past.  You only have to be so smart to chase grass but you have to be smarter than a gazelle to chase it.  As humans grew smarter we developed new competition, each other.  According to Ecological dominance-social competition model this is exactly what would happen.  Our new prey wasn’t just grass and meat anymore, it would eventually be resources as well. 

oil and man
oil and man

The earth it self became our prey.  As we filled it with meat and grass then began to hunt it’s minerals, oil and water. We use it for all we can get out it.  It would have to repopulate faster than us for a cycle of this size to exist and it obviously can’t.  Why not?  How did we grow our intelligence so fast that we were able to kill the planet.  Why don’t we fit in?

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, a pretty well excepted scientific fact.  Crawling out of the oceans the fish found insects already here.  We evolved intelligence in about 2 million years out of a 7 million year evolutionary timeline.  Yet, we were not the first living beings. There were fish, reptiles then mammals of which we would be in the later of events to occur. Each propagated and diminished leaving behinds today’s survivors.

Now lets give a species a billion years to go from a predator to intelligent versus the 2 million it took us.  There would be enough time on Earth to evolve four races.  Including cousins we have reached at least twelve intelligent species on this planet before us.  If so where are they?

Well, we know the fossil record only accounts for about 10% of life on Earth due to the rare conditions that they can form.  We also know that the continents drift on tectonic plates burying  ground like super glaciers.  Most of whats happened here we don’t know but we do know that evolution is a slow gradual process.  Two million years isn’t long enough.  We happened to fast.  They have had enough time to evolve and leave.  It shouldn’t be science fiction that creates races of intelligent insects and reptiles, it should have already happened.

The cycle of life on this planet is dependent and self correcting creating millions of interlocking chains.  Break one chain and you start breaking the cycles.  We break the chains.  Obviously we don’t fit in.  We diminish it’s resources, pollute it’s oceans, soil and air. How doesn’t really matter at this point.  If aliens messed with our DNA or it’s was a genetic product of the universe one thing is for sure.  It will test our ability to fix our biosphere, our ocean life from acidification or our ability to become interstellar travelers.  One of the two will have to happen, personally I hope both.

We might just find everything beyond our wildest dreams are actually true in some kind of tomorrow land.  Where life blows through the universe like pollen landing occasionally on fertile soil that suits it’s own needs.  Then has the ability to adapt and change with time and that intelligence and self awareness in inevitable.  If given enough time, anything is possible.  We have forced the future on ourselves.  What we do next decides if we succeed or fail.  Good luck Earth,  as one of your many inhabitants, no matter how I got here,  I’m on your side.

“It’s time to change that. With the Clean Power Plan, by 2030, carbon pollution from power plants will be 32% lower than it was a decade ago.”



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