Today we can change our tag line

but we won’t

And here’s why.

Our tag line is obviously ripped off but we didn’t care. “No Freedom Till We Are Equal.”  In Macklemores video the main subject matter is the idea of a new flag, a new nation, a new way of thinking. We can read Einstein and Twain quotes all day long on twitter, but if we don’t apply them they have no real affect. “We can’t solve the worlds problems using the same thinking we used to create them.” -Einstein.

How did we get here? Today we changed the way we thought. This is historic, and I don’t mean to take away from it.  Trust me, we have wasted numerous resources and advancements in technology by bickering over morals as law when we could have been trying to protect ourselves as a species.

The Romans took everybody as slaves. They conquered all their neighbors, making allies  with some while occupying others.  Early American aristocrats looked at all poor people as slaves and indentured servants until they were able to replace them with Africans and Asians and eventually the Hispanics, while at the same time committing genocide on the native inhabitants.

The Bible and Koran both make women  and the poor slaves. Breeding ignorance and intolerance it has all been based on tribal survival. Save the clan.  Keep those with the same beliefs close and fear the unknown.  Americas civil war was caused by forced education by the government.  When it was realized that a call to arms couldn’t be read by Americans a program was started to teach children how to read.  Children were slave labor to the fathers of the family at that time, empathy was low.  The children gained wisdom from knowledge that the fathers found threatening and psychologically understandable. The teachers, being predominantly from the North, had new ideas of how society should be and the fathers of the South didn’t like it.  Skip ahead 100 years.  America is blamed for not stopping the Khmer Rouge.

I am a Humanist. I look out for all of mankind, the survival of our species. As people living in North America we need to be aware of Yellowstone.  A mega volcano with a caldera 65 mile wide. As inhabitants of the planet Earth we need to be aware that asteroids have hit this planet before and so have other planets! As humans we need to be aware that nations have set on top of bombs and energy plants that could disinfect this planet of life.

Still we have deeper underlying problems on this planet.  Slavery is bigger than it’s ever been in the history of the planet as children used of sex slaves and yes… some of those come from America.  We sent our troops to punish someone who betrayed instead of freeing children being used as sex slaves. We should be ashamed of ourselves.  We cut NASA’s budget and taunt Russia and China for no reason.  This doesn’t make since, it’s not critical thinking.

Whats Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking means using the same things you use at work in everyday life, like agriculture, engineering and your government.  What do you use at work?  Critical thinking.  You base certain things like odds of an injury occurring as to weather a task can performed in a given way. Here’s an example; Construction workers are required by OSHA to wear bright safety colors to lesson the likely hood of them being ran over by heavy equipment because the operators can see them better, They changed the odds. If you realize it or not, you are performing these same tasks everyday. It’s called natural selection.  Emotion is driven by instinctive, animal  behavior.  Our actions thus far has been emotionally controlled by our animal instincts. In other words, we act like animals with our policies and military actions.  We don’t have to.  If we elected politicians that used critical thinking we would use math and odds to make our decisions.

As a race, we just changed the odds to be more excepting of us. We can do more, a lot more.  Using the odds, just like you play the lottery, we can fight our own ignorance, and either control or get away from Yellowstone, the rising ocean and other threats.

We can admit our efforts and contribute to climate change.  We can search for other places for us to thrive besides Earth just in case someday we can’t save it.  America has the technology to do it Thanks #NASA Today we come one slow step closer to doing something else beside arguing about morals and trying to protect our species. Thanks @POTUS


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