Did The Duggars Just Kill Christ?

by Rev James JonesRev James

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TLC’s “19 kids and counting”

Star Josh Duggar of TLC’s “19 Kids And Counting” fame is in hot water and it’s getting deeper.  It’s been raining here in Arkansas is fact, it’s flooding and there’s more to come.  One of Northwest Arkansas’s proudest achievements has been their famous Christian family’s ability to teach the world how to raise a family. They believe their way is better than everybody else because they have Christian morals. Josh Duggar has been accused of molesting young girls including his sisters.  Not just recently, in 2006 and it was buried. Being anti-gay on the internet is just as bad as being religious online, both will get you trolled and the Duggars are both. Not only did the Duggars find their way online, they also found their way onto national television, The biggest mistake they’ve made.  If the Duggars hadn’t been on TLC the rest of the world would have never known.  Right now in North West Arkansas we are trying to decide whether to give Zachary Holly life or death for the rape and murder of a young girl whose name is all over our local news.  Josh was high on Jesus and dumb about his own sexual desires that were preconditioned into his coming manhood. Without the proper tools of knowledge about what to expect and why he reverted to an animal instinct.  So Josh gets added to the long list of pervy Catholic priest in the worlds eyes while Arkansas gets to be the punch line of another incest joke. This Duggar incident has just begun for us here in Arkansas and mistakes are being rapidly made.  The state will file charges on behalf of the victims, it’s a law here for their own protection in case the abuser is trying to intimidate the victims.  It’s out of their parents hands at this point and in the hands of the state.  The victims that are still minors will be removed from the home.  The Duggars were important around here and have surely bought into a lot of their own hype.  I don’t think they realize  what is about to happen to them as the state government tries to correct what got over looked by the local officials because of who they were.  In the meantime, while our own Mike Huckabee has just cost himself a presidential bid by sticking to his guns.  His recent statements regarding Josh Duggar has just felt the first waves of backlash as former Gov. Huckabees Facebook page is being bombarded by critical comments. tripadvisor.com

Christ Of The Ozarks

In Christianity there are unwritten laws that forbid you to speak about certain subjects with children and sex is at the top of the list. I know first hand, I was born in the middle of it.  Humans are bound by genetics to preform certain tasks.  Eat, sleep, go to the bathroom and at some point, have sex.  Christian children are taught all of these things by their parents just the same as a Jewish or Muslim child is and what comes out the other side is what was put in for the most part, there are exceptions.  The bottom line is that they act the way they are taught or the lack of. There is an obvious core fundamental value in religion that is missing.  The ability to have morals without a God. Funny isn’t it how the internet was born out of atheistic nerds, some of the only people who don’t needs laws or a government to function.  Morals are a given when your code requires citation to a claim.  Nothing is true until it’s proven.  All things are created equal.  Minerals, insects, animals and humans are all trapped in a bubble of life together and are extremely dependent on each other.  This is where morals are born without a God.  He can’t be cited but facts can.  We live in an ecosystem and our very planet needs us to survive, otherwise we will kill it. Our planet is made out of minerals and so are we, that is how close we are related.  If we can’t even talk about sex with our own children how can we expect them to understand it. This isn’t sociologically healthy. Which makes us weaker as a species but that is just critical thinking. Luckily it seems evolution is in full force and religion is committing suicide.

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