Because It Was Hit By Another Planet

Rev James
Rev James

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    Why Does The Earth Look Like This?

It was struck by something.  Something big, like another planet.  I think I know why.  This is an image of the earths gravitational field.

gravity map of earth

See the big blue spot?  That’s where the gravity is weakest.  The thinnest spot between the center of the earth and the surface of the mass.  Gravity is higher on the red spots because that’s where most of the mass is.  Gravity works like this; your furniture has mass, that mass creates gravity.  Since the mass of the furniture is small it has a small gravity.  So small you can’t feel it.  It’s only strong enough to attract dust.  You can feel the planets gravity, it’s strong enough to kill you if you fall from a high enough place.  Things in space spin.  They spin because there is no up or down, as they spin they naturally form a ball due to gravity.  The ball or planet may be flatter on the poles and tend to bulge around it’s equator but they are round except when other forces interferer with that process.  They form a ball because of the gravity created by it’s mass.  The older they are the rounder they become.  The ocean has hidden our history.

The centrifugal force of the spinning will make the planet rounder and rounder over time.  According to Wikipedia the earth is 4.54 billion years old.  It should be rounder than this by now and probably a water world.  The spinning sun at the center of our solar system is creating a centrifuge effect on the matter around it.   The heavy irons, carbons and acids make up the closest planets.  Then lighter carbons and lots of water make up earth.  Mars would be a smaller version of earth.   An asteroid belt big enough for another planet and two smaller planets inside of it.  Then the gas giant Jupiter.  After that the other gas planets.  The moons of the first couple gas giants should be variations of earth like planets and matter is blended and separated.

There is plenty of proof that a lot has happened in our solar system.  That big blue spot is an impact crater.  A crater caused by another planet that struck us from a NNW direction in relation to Africa at a sharp angle, then glanced down and to the south east grinding in a cork screw fashion.  Because each of the planets momentum of their spin on a rotational axis you can clearly see the path.

What earth really looks like
Image credit University of Texas Center for Space Research and NASA

The Earth Was Cracked Like An Egg

In a loop of the entire planet the blue lines show the original damage caused to the mantle as it was cracked like an egg.  It almost split the planet in half.  If you know where the ring of fire is in relation to this map then it’s clear.  Centrifugal force is correcting the planet back to round. That’s why the earthquakes and volcanoes happen where they do.  The material knocked off of earth and the other planet formed the moon while the rest went into an orbit around the sun and caused the great bombardment when it completed it’s first revolution and crossed the plane from whence it came.

The direction of the opposing planets path was changed and put in an orbit around our sun as well but not in the elliptical.  Whats the elliptical? It will come back and may have already before.

It’s happened before and we know it now.

“Astronomers identify the closest known flyby of a star to our solar system: a dim star that passed through the Oort Cloud 70,000 years ago”

This star probably had planets, if it didn’t the one that passed by and smacked us surely did.  The red area’s of our planet will move towards the blue area’s.  Don’t panic cause it won’t happen over night but it is happening.  Read more about the star that passed by earth 70,000 years ago Here by The University Of Rochester.  The universe is more dynamic than you know once you wake up and become aware of it.


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