And The Truth

Rev James
by Rev James Jones

This Planet’s Not Big Enough For Both Of Us

How many people does it take to change a light bulb?  Every single time someone has made a huge discovery in the basic understanding of astrophysics or science, religion was there to shut it down. From Galileo to stem cell research.  Religion has always held it back. Right now it’s ripping the world apart.

Islam and Christianity are born of the same deity. One went this way, one went the other. Inside them factions were created and separated by differences of ideology.  Some, in less educated countries, turned into violent conflicts.  Education reduces crime by creating empathy. The less education the more religious people become, the more religion the more superstition.  Superstition drives idiocy.  The more you know the more you find out about others and the conditions in which their lives will play out.  You learn about the strife of man in history, the struggles he endured.  What it took to gain knowledge, how mankind has lost it, gained it back and preserved it through wars raging for other causes.  Causes based on idiocy not science.

Simple observation reveals more than you could know. Dealing with religion as a debate is a waste of time.  Mentally ill patients are observed for triggers and counseled according to their condition. The only way to deal with religion and uneducated people are in the same manner.  Dealing with an animal is like communicating with a dangerous two year old, dealing with people with mental impairments is more complicated. They come in varying severity and communication changes with the degree.

 A leopard pounces an alligator by the throat.  His whole intent is to kill it.  Why?  Because he’s hungry.  He’s feeding a need caused by instinct.  Instinct is what drives most humans on the planet.  A constant chant in their head that changes from one thought to the other.  A repeat memory of what someone said and an emotion is sparked.  Home from work people go through out their lives cooking and talking.  Drinking and spilling the days events on their spouses and housemates.  Mad at what Tom said, how he responded.  Stirring a pot of spaghetti thinking about that face Lisa made today at work and a chuckle. The memory’s being processed repeats in your brain creating a constant chant. The next thought is a cliche they’ve based their current existence on.  The brain becomes stuck repeating cliches, ones they have created mixed with ones they’ve heard. Another physical urge another thought another cliche. The big cat is hungry, the dog is in heat or the human is offended are all the same thing.  Instinct caused by a constant repetitive thought that is a cliche, “blessed be”.

 These people are not awake to the extent of human knowledge.  If your still reading this then there’s a good chance you are awake.  In a repetitive thought process varying too far from the original dominant cliche causes confusion which leads to disinterest or outburst of anger. Read that again.  In a repetitive thought process people are caught on a loop of existing on instinct which causes emotion.  Once you realize an emotion in based on an instinct you can control it and become the person you want to be.  All men are not created equal.  Some men know what the universe is made of.  What physics and science can do and accept it.  Some are repeating a cliche in their head.  In a wide variation of degree some are close to wakefulness but are not. They have a lot of knowledge but know little about the human condition.  The click was never made while reading that caused empathy.  Those are harder to spot and you yourself are not above instinct when caught off guard.  Sometimes even the observer falls asleep.  Sometimes the empathy cause emotion that is based on instinct.

 Blending into the natural habitat of a species is usually the best point of observation.  In other words, if your trying to observe polar bears, you don’t just camp out with them taking a camera along thinking this is gonna be cool.  It won’t. It’s been tried before.  Religious zealots,  fanatics, severely mentally ill and uneducated people lie somewhere between animals and us.  We don’t have to blend in and I don’t want to hide but I do.  What I say depends on who I’m talking to.  I don’t want to convert the the world.  Evolution dictates you can’t.  So I am a chameleon and I change and interact with people to avoid the most confrontation.  I observe and gain knowledge.  I pick my battles according to worth which I am sure is an instinct.  Yet I am aware of why I do what I do and better myself.  “Old habits are hard to break” and “I don’t want to make the same old mistakes” make a lot more sense now.

 From this prospective you can see the need for empathy.  Not simply because they don’t know any better but because it’s all part of the human condition. You don’t beat a bird for being a bird, unless it’s a crow and fucking with you. They were dinosaurs after all.  Intelligence has to be accounted for.  And it will given time, after all that’s what this is all about.  The expansion of time created by the chemical reaction that we call the universe. Energy=matter=light=time.  It’s all the same.  Matter can be turned into energy, energy can create light the process creates time.  This is the center of our existence and pointless battles with people who are not awake are a waste of time.  They’d be better used for observation and study to further understanding.  Not objectified but empathized.

A.I. is upon us if you didn’t know but I believe you probably do.  There are conferences for programmers to beat retro games right now that will advance.A.I. with the zeal of gaming itself.  Robotics is abundant and growing as fast as drones.  An agreement between all the top A.I. developers has been reached to obtain a certain goal and share knowledge.  Games like Jeopardy and Chess have been easily dominated by computers. The fact the singularity is near is no surprise and it’s certainly no surprise this planets not big enough for science and religion.


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