Dinner for Two or The Beauty of an Empty Nest

Shannon Jones
by Shannon Jones
pork and rice
Photo from Wikipedia

Pork loin is easy peasy.

It’s way too big for two people.  It’s enough to share if your wayward child stops by, or if your nephew needs to chat. If not, the leftovers make a freaky good noodle dish next night. Hopefully not since it’s dinner for two.

Three words. Foil, foil, foil.

Salt and pepper

3 LB. pork loin

1 can of sliced pineapple

1 can of sliced carrots

1 thinly sliced onion

Salt and pepper all over rubbed in well. Place in a foil lined baking dish. Throw everything else in around it and pinch it all shut. Put in an oven at 325° for one hour.

Then go have a drink with your significant other and catch up on all the days events. For instance, now that its just the two of us we can discuss big booties, legalization of marijuana, and prostitute rights in other countries without the fear of being  judged.  Turns out she overheard what nerds we really are. Remind me to lock the door.

Anyway, after an hour check the roasts internal temperature. It should be around 140° or so. Open up the packet and turn the pork over and give things a stir.Close the packet again. Increase the oven temp to 425° for about fifteen minutes. I always splash a little of whatever wine I happen to be drinking that night in for flavor or by accident. In fifteen minutes I can gather all the beer cans in the garage up to take to the recycling plant tomorrow. Done.  Turn the oven down to 300°.  you can leave it for a little bit while you chat or make out without fear of some one yelling ,”Get a room!”

If you’ve not achieved your desired buzz level and are not ready to devour the succulent meat in the kitchen, then turn the oven off. Easy dinner. You can eat it when your damn good and ready. That’s the beauty of an empty nest. You could put the roast on, have the make out , then the cocktail and check the roast. Then have the conversation if you wanted to. The point is cooking can be easy so you have time to spend doing the things you may have missed out on before the kids moved on. Like, dinner for two.

Pork Loin with pineapple is always a winning combination. If you fell particularly enthused, serve over a bed of rice. It only take a minute.

empty house


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