A Cabbage Soup

To Feed Your Heart

Cabbage Soup
Cabbage Soup

A heart healthy warm soup for fall that cost almost nothing.  Fall is here, it’s time for soups and stews, chilli and baking. The most heart healthy, vegan friendly, cost effective thing we could think of was cabbage soup. No grease means it’s vein cleaning. Unclog your arteries and get back to life.

Luckily it’s really simple. You need to be able to boil water. After that get ready to chop.


  • One Three pound Cabbage
  • One Onion
  • Three Garlic Cloves
  • Three Carrots
  • Three Small Potatoes
  • Three Stalks of Celery
  • Coarse smoky Sea Salt
  • Pepper

Recipe by Shannon Jones

Clean and wash all the vegetables. Cut and prepare all the vegetables to the same 1/4 inch dice.

In a large Skillet or Dutch oven heat three tablespoons of olive or coconut oil.

First add onions celery and carrots roast until soft. Stir in cabbage and potatoes only to brown and coat them. I simply add water. You may want to use chicken stock or beef, but this soup will be versatile if you only add water. Leftovers can be re used.

Corbus/Photography by 145/Elisa Cicinelli
add Sweet Valida Onions

Cook soup over medium heat  until all is tender. Add herbs such as rosemary and thyme  in the last 15 minutes of cooking for an aromatic dish.Top with a dollop of non fat Greek Yogurt and serve With a crusty loaf sliced on top for an extra treat.

The next day, you may add a drumstick or chicken  thigh, for a little meat.

garlic in soup
add garlic

Soup  is amazing, the more root vegetables you add in, the more flavorful the soup will become. But to do it seven days takes an amazing amount of chopping and prep work. I recommend adding ingredients every day to the soup from previous nights. Add a little broth, maybe a fresh tomato,Some chopped jicama or a turnip can be exciting and new. Whatever you have handy.

Just be mindful of salt and fat added in broth and meat products, and this soup is awesome! Easy, versatile and healthy. You cant go wrong with the ingredients. The key is simmer, simmer down.

You can always add drained low sodium carrots, peas, or greens as well.

I hope you try this recipe and enjoy the healthy benefits soup in the fall can offer you.


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