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First of all, I’m not an archeologist.  However I spent most of 25 years ago hunting for fossils, arrowheads and artifacts. I went as far as to build a 20 foot snorkel to scower river beds.  I toted window screens into national parks to sift the soil for artifacts before 1990.  I’ve collected fossils and meteorites for close to 40 years. But this has to be some of the most compelling evidence I’ve ever seen. This is a femur bone, on Mars.  Just looking at rocks isn’t enough for the Curiosity Team.  I was already impressed when Curiosity found a giant iron meteorite.  The photos are beautiful. This though, this takes the cake. Why did NASA call this picture;

“Mars fossil thigh femur bone like Curiosity rover mastcam.” – NASA

This is why I love living in my time period.  To discover things like life on mars and hope for tomorrow.  This is finally a time to believe in.

damn martians
courtesy JPL/NASA

This is a picture less than two weeks old of a femur bone, on Mars!  We’ve known about the dry ice buried on Mars since the Viking missions in 1976.  Proof of dry ice is everywhere.  Most of the rocks we see are dry ice.  Their just dirty so they blend in.  LOOK AT THIS!

doodle bug on mars
courtesy JPL/NASA

The Curiosity rover dug around a few days ago.  In doing so it busted some rocks apart.  They seem to be dry ice.  It’s everywhere hidden as rocks.  Look at the soil it exposed, rich, dark and brown.  As a life long gardener I dream of soil this rich and dark, except this is buried under the desert sand on Mars next to dry ice.

In the time it took for Curiosity to dig these rocks out, exposing the wet soil beneath, before it could take a picture of what it had done.  This happened, a perfect circle.  In the soft freshly disturbed soil of the martian soil, a doodle bug dug it’s way out.  I’ve seen millions of them growing up.  So have many of you, maybe you called them ant lions or sand bugs.  You know them well, kick some dirt over their pit and they kick it back out.  Before Curiosity could take a picture of what it dug up, a doodle bug popped up.

doodle bug on mars
courtesy JPL/NASA

Like I said, I’m not an expert, just an avid enthusiast but I think I see doodle bugs on Mars! Do you?

Other possible explanations for the doodle bug on mars:

  • Small meteorites striking the ground at a phenomenal rate.
  • Cosmic vibrations.
  • Geological formations.
  • Magnetic field disturbance.

Whatever it is, it’s there. Is it doodle bugs?  Maybe not but it sure looks like it.  usually the most plausible explanation is the truth.  With the resent discovery of plankton growing on the windows of the ISS, I can see how small life forms might exist everywhere.  I might be wrong, life might not be out there in abundance as I strongly suspect it is.  After all, I’m just browsing through photos from NASA and thought I’d share.  Let me know what you think.

-Rev James


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