Did You Know There Is A Emma Watson Body Pillow


sleep with Emma Watson

The Emma Watson body pillow from DIS

It list for $400 US and is exactly what you think it is, a Emma Watson full body pillow.  Not sure if creeped out or amused?  I’m sure somebody will find a use for it.  If you want to learn more for yourself DIS is the link to dazeddigital.com.

Artist Jon Rafman from DIS created a pillow they claim is full of support and “easy to talk to. ”
This has got to be cool for someone.  Your nights spent with Emma are sure to be magical.  Get one at Emma Dakimakura from the DISOWN project.  As part of their summer US project States of Independence, they’ve invited 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to take over Dazed for a day.  As a result there is a Emma Watson body pillow.  Each one is unique.   Thanks DAZED. Who Knew?

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