How To Make A Wizard Staff

my backyard
Cottonwood Trees In The Backyard

It all begins in the backyard waiting on mother nature. Mother nature creates a wide variety of beautiful things.  Sometimes she can also be destructive but thats part of her job.  First she needs to clean out some of her work in order to make room for something new.  After another severe summer storm one day I began to gather limbs and rake leaves again.  I knew there had to be something more than filling my burn barrel over and over that I could use some of this debris for.  A way to give it another life.  So began to keep the best limbs and sticks, ones that had some type of appeal to me. clipping a branch

stripped branch
Stripped Branch

 Step One

I trimmed up the longest branch I had found with a pair of branch trimmers. Getting as close as I could until all the small limbs and shoots were gone.

Step Two

I used a saws-all to clean off more of the limbs until I was down to a knot.  Then I used a wood file to smooth the knots out.  Using the wood file again I removed all of the bark. Beginning with a course 40 grit sand paper I sanded down the entire staff finishing with a fine 120 grit sand paper.

Step Three

how to make a wizard staff
Working With Wood

Next I used a no.2 pencil and began outlining natural shapes already in the wood and free lancing designs down the length of the staff.  Starting with a Drimmel tool I removed material to create reliefs and groves. I worked these over with a smaller set of wood files and the 120 grit sand paper.

Raw Wizard Staff

 Step Four

walking staff
5’10” Tall Walking Stick

I continued these steps over and over until I was happy with the results. The next thing to do was applying stain and colors. I used a combination of thinned down stain, watered down latex paint and pastel charcoal pencils.  Rubbing all the colors together until I was pleased with the results.  Here is my new Wizard Staff/ Walking Stick soon to be listed on Etsy.

 Wizard Staff

Made from a Cottonwood branch brought down in a storm it has a chestnut and white wash finish with purple under tones and small green details. 5″10″‘s tall it’s engraved from top to bottom and is signed in runes.  After being left over night in the backyard for fairies to play on, invoking it’s powers, it’s ready for it’s first wizard to take it for a walk.

I’m thinking $200 plus shipping but the final word is up to Kara who handles the Etsy store.  Contact for more info.