Jennette McCurdy’s Leaked Photos

Rev James-Rev James

You know I write about science, share links to technological breakthroughs and human rights.  I do post a lot about shorts but that’s a given.  I post about running as well but I don’t want to post this stuff!  So why is it the only way I get your attention? Okay, anyway here we go.  Jennette McCurdy got into a fight with her boyfriend. He leaked some revealing photos of Miss McCurdy and we shared them.  Thats only because I can see what your searching for, so clan destine I must feel your need you sick geeks.


“This one or this one, screw it I’m wearing my bra!”

ICARLY  got away with more than that.  See Jennette’s boobs HERE. (Warning the link contains boobs), you might want to click on something else.  Jennette responded to her recent leaked photos VIA Reddit.

“I am not a role model.

I don’t claim to be, I don’t try to be, and I don’t want to be.”

-Jennette McCurdy

She came out on Reddit and made this statement, don’t make me do it again.  Can we please get back to science.