10 Sad But True Facts

The sad fact is, it’s all true.

10 True facts

One side of world is dying of obesity while the other half is dying of starvation.

  1. You will never be as young again as were today.
  2. It took over 200 years to elect a non white male as President in America.Obamas hungry
  3. The best way to get an answer on the internet isn’t posting a question but an incorrect answer. This is called Cunningham’s Law.
  4. Before the Apollo11 mission, Armstrong and the astronauts couldn’t afford life insurance. So Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins signed hundreds of pieces of memorabilia that could be sold by their families in case of death. Discovery News
  5. Just like America has a bible belt, Saudi Arabia has a Qur’an belt.same religon
  6. In the last 42 years no human has traveled further than low Earth orbit.
  7. The first immigrant through Ellis Island was an unaccompanied minor and her two younger siblings.
  8. The famous Beatles Abbey Road zebra street crossing has a live feed watching people trying to imitate the album cover.
  9. Napoleon wrote a romance novel.

 Sad but True

Number 10

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