Equality And The Universe

Rev James

 by Rev James

Presumption One

It’s not about human rights.  It’s not about rights for religion or animals, as a matter of fact, it’s not about us at all but the equality of the universe in which we live.  How it acts and why.  Balance is it turns out a product of inevitability, there was no other way for it to turn out.

Equality is a natural requirement of creation.  Things in the observable universe are as such by virtue of this presumption. When true equality exists in any state of creation then circular formations occur.  When creation (reaction) occurs with any source of resistance then destruction occurs.  Both hold an equilibrium of matter. The universe is full of reactions, taking our sun into account is enough when we know there are trillions more of these beast, each created out of it’s own unique circumstance.
Start with a simple act like an explosion  or reaction resulting in a formation in space.  Something like this.


This is the Milky Way galaxies gamma ray burst mapped by Fermi magenta. This is where we live, in the middle of a large gamma burst. A explosion caused by a chemical and electrical reaction, A explosion. With little or no detectable force of resistance, the force of the reaction travels out in all directions, creating a sphere. Equal in all directions, the source of the reaction is always near the center. It radiates outward reacting with new elements and magnetic fields as it flows. Every reaction creating a new outcome.

Equality in all directions causes objects in space to rotate. When there is no up or down the only thing left is round.  In space the result of a explosion is a sphere that’s why objects are round.  Like giant gas planets, ours is Jupiter.


When the center of everything is nothing there is no clear destined path. So everything expands outwards in all directions equally creating a sphere. Balance is a part of nature. Exploiting this resource will benefit humanity 1000 times more than exploiting animals. Which way things turn, with what force and why? Slight variations in local elements elect changes in the local environment of the surrounding conditions.

When a action causes outward expansion and meets little or no resistance it creates a sphere. When it meets resistance it creates half a sphere.

Presumption Two

force your sphere on me

The fight of humanity was not about good and evil.  Who was wrong or who was right, a fight for dark and light.  Not about black and white but about the opposite, the lack of anything which can lead you to everything.  The center is a part of everything, predestined by it’s encounters with it’s elemental neighbor.  You are a part of everything you touch.  Not only that but also by everything you see.  Planets, stars, galaxies, hurricanes, tornadoes and atoms are all related by the fact they are a circle that orbits another circle.  By virtue of empty space you spin. Gathering what knowledge and wisdom you encounter on your journey through the equal universe.

The universe was not designed around us, we are a product of it. Electrical chemical reactions can seem like magic but they are not.  We are they’re outcome. When a reaction meets resistance, as in this example of an atomic blast encountering the ground, it is only capable of creating half a sphere and results in a destructive force.  Remove all resistance where necessary to complete your sphere.

Presumption Three

All things are created equal. There is no good or bad only balance in the universe.  Human perception of it’s surroundings, trying to understand.  It’s actually simpler, more logical.  From the atom to the universe lies a symmetry that is caused by being unbound from it’s birth.  The chemical reaction, the spark of life or just a huge galactic release of energy.  Being harmonious with the planet also means the universe as well.  They go hand in hand.

As we understand more about the structure of the universe the more we’ll be able to do things like this.

Universal Structure for Idiots

Metal so light it can rest on top of a dandelion.  We are a product and a part of this universe, a child of curiosity. My proposal is as simple as a sphere.  The world you know is as round as your inner soul and as well based as your knowledge.  We as a race need to recognize whats important for our survival and enjoyment of our time here.  One thing evolution has taught us is that everything changes all the time.  Inappreciable  to us but ever moving in a race to survive. We don’t get to yet know what comes next, not yet.  We still get to see what passed before which leaves us with the time to be alive, which is now.  We need to embrace our humanity before it is lost to history, for others to interpret, inaccessible to us anymore.  Ultimately we are alive now, that is all we have and is all we will ever have.  Your one chance at life is happening now.

Grab on with everything you’ve got.  Hold on to all you know.  Get hold of the sphere that surrounds you. Hold on to the knowledge of the equal universe.






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