How Smart Are You

Smart Birds

by Rev James Jones Rev James

Are you as smart as a bird?

It’s a simple question.  Are you as smart as a bird. Or they as smart as you? Probably not but they can do some amazing things.

Are you sure?

Here lies the connection between us and the other species.  We we’re both conceived on this planet.  Our ancestors far enough back in time collide.  Just like any trait of a parent is passed on to it’s children, so are we children of time.  Qualities we have will surely emerge in other species in time. That Is how we know we are connected, that is how we know we are all one on this planet. Birds, who were dinosaurs, are acting like this.

If you don’t think evolution exists then you just got left behind, because you just heard a bird imitate a camera. That’s how close it is and how far it’s followed us through time.

The More You Know