Light On Mars

What light through Mars breaks?

I’ve scrolled through hundreds of pictures of Mars over the last couple of years thanks to NASA/JPL.  I was suspicious of the metal object the first time I saw the photo, though I could see the martian winds eroding away the softer stone  and revealing a piece of harder metal naturally. Understanding the the effects the winds must have on the landscape can explain a lot of what we are seeing on Mars. The sand storms last all winter there.  Heavy erosion should be expected but what explains the light on Mars?

Video by VideoFromSpace

This occurred on Sol 589.  The front mast cam on Sol 589 also took this picture.

Photo Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

Faces On Mars

Lets play count the faces on Mars. I found four, maybe five. How many do you see?

face on mars
Photo Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

On close up number 1, center left side, an alien face looking up?  Number 2. looking up the nostrils of a large human looking face?  Number 3. another alien skull perched starring straight at us? Number 4. yet again another alien skull lays on it’s side, still looking at us, I wonder what we are looking at the back of? Then I found between 1. and 2. what appears to be a human head. Wearing a helmet he lays face forward in the sand. I could be chasing shadows here. I’m just curious, thats all. So what do you think?


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