DIY Pink Rock-A-Billy

Look At Me

The first part is easy.  Buy some pink hair dye and a white bow.  I think you can find them somewhere.  If not try the next post.  Dye your hair pink then add a white bow.  Next, make sure you got twenty dollars in your pocket and lets go pop some tags.

popping tags

Polka dot dress from Goodwill, $3.50.  Great start if I can help from looking like a loaf of Wonder Bread! Let’s see.

Pink Jacket

Pink Jacket from Goodwill. Was $37.00 two weeks ago.  $3.50 today marked down for quick sale.  Grab and add some buttons, about 25 cents each.

Universal nails

I went with a Galaxy Custer nail look.  You know, all science and geek look.  But sweet ass simple.  Black nail polish and glitter.  You got a galaxy on your nails.


Zip up jacket!

Big Pimping

Rock A Billy

In Pink

by Musi



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