I Can Read Your Emails

Problems With Yahoo Email


If I’m experiencing this problem with Yahoo email then I’m sure others have to be as well.

Thirteen years ago I created a Yahoo email account and profile.  I used Yahoo messenger to video chat and play games with my brother in Texas, I live in Arkansas.  I used a made up name for the account, the thought of using my real name never occurred to me.  Like most other people  of the time I wished to remain anonymous online to protect my identity from  being stolen.  I feared the Nigerians I guess, they had moved from snail mail scams to email, keeping up with the times I suppose even applies to scammers. Ten years later I wanted to change that.  I created websites, performed web mastering and had began to do admin work.  Now I needed to promote myself.  With the last name of Jones obtaining an email account using my whole name was hard.  I was able to do it on gmail and MSN but they required lots of _, -‘s or .’s.  Not being simple to remember and ugly I was never satisfied with them and ended up using a domain name to push my emails to me.  Then last spring I got an offer from Yahoo.   I had read that Yahoo was filled with inactive accounts, I had gone through Google wanting me to upgrade my You Tube accounts to my real name from my Google plus profile.  At first you could always switch back to your old profile but that ability would soon go away.  I’m @RevJamesJones on Twitter and RevJames.B.Jones on facebook so when Yahoo asked me if I would like to change my email address to RevJames@Yahoo.com I was elated and quickly said yes.  As a blogger you need two things socially online, a nice email address and a nice Twitter name. I now had both, yea me!

Meet Nasty Ned

Nasty Ned

The Rev Ned James from Charlotte, North Carolina recently got married, he is also currently looking for a job and trying to enroll in an online course.  Ned also enjoys the company of BBW’s with no strings attached where he is known as Nasty Ned.  I don’t know Ned, we have never met online or in person so how do I know this?  I can read his emails.

At first I received strange emails every once in a while from a religious person in Africa or a photo of a project that was obviously a church’s out reach program in a third world country, I deleted them and forgot about it.  A few weeks ago I began getting slammed with emails addressed to Rev Ned James. Job search sites around Charlotte and online courses.  Then Spyfly wanted me to verify my account, I don’t have one with Spyfly and was worried I might be hacked.  I followed the link to Spyfly from the email to unsubscribe when I found Ned’s account information, ALL of it, including his phone number.  It was obvious the old owner of the email address RevJames@Yahoo was using it again and I was scared that maybe he was able to login and see my emails as well.

Customer service for Yahoo is @YahooCare on Twitter. I sent then a Tweet about the situation and this was their reply.

yahoo response

Ned’s Spyfly account contained his phone number and he had created a Google email account and used RevJames@Yahoo as the recovery address so I emailed him and then called him.  I told Ned who I was and what was going on, that I have an email account “RevJames@Yahoo” and that I believed it used to belong to him and that I was receiving personal emails that belonged to him.  His reply was that he owned that email name for five years and that I should “squash it”.  He seemed freaked out and a little confused but his only suggestion was that I “squash it”.  This hasn’t stopped him from using the address, I’m sure he doesn’t have access to the account so I’m unsure of his motives.  He seems to be signing up for job search boards still and a relative sent us a photo of grammy.  He signed up for a BBW dating site as NastyNed and has tried to enroll in an online nurses aid school.  They emailed me his reference numbers and confirmation numbers, things that shouldn’t really be shared about his school financing.  They needed a reply with a confirmation number that had been emailed.  I replied simply “They call me Nasty Ned”  then laughed at myself way harder than I should have.  I forwarded the picture of grammy to his gmail saying I think this was for him.  I couldn’t verify his gmail for him as it would confuse our two accounts even further so I don’t know if he got it, he has yet to reply.

I mark all emails for him as spam because it’s easier than contacting each site one at a time with an explanation as Yahoo suggested.  All I can do is hope that he gives up on the address soon or Yahoo resolves it but from their reply they don’t seem to concerned.  I thought Ned would have understood when I said I could see ALL of his personal info and had access to his phone number that it would prompt him to stop using it.  So far I’ve received six emails for him this morning alone including one for FaithMingle.com, he is a reverend I suppose.  I found him on Facebook, at least I’m fairly sure it’s him.  He recently got married and seems to have opened a second Facebook account.  I don’t really want to friend him there so I thought I would give it a couple of weeks.  The emails don’t bother me Yahoo has always been full of spam so the volume of emails in the inbox is always high and full of junk mail. I was more concerned for someone who doesn’t know what’s happening could be compromising personal info such as credit card and bank card numbers.  I’m an honest person so I won’t abuse the situation, however next month I think I will create a folder for Ned’s emails and began replying to all of them with “They call me Nasty Ned.” 


3 thoughts on “I Can Read Your Emails

  1. Dear Nasty Ned,
    I saw your profile on the bbw site, I’ve missed you so much, This is your first wife, call me. Please call me !

      1. I didn’t know that, I haven’t heard from him, since he started his new job, Shann called Dad, last I heard, Good ole Magic Jack.

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