Kissing Sailor

kissing sailor colorized
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The Kissing Sailor Colorized

Glenn McDuffie colorization tribute. The man known as the “Kissing Sailor” passed away on March the 9th. It took along time and a lot of work for Glenn to ever prove he was the man in the famous Life magazine photo but before he went he finally did.

“I was absolutely positive,” Gibson said of the match. “It was perfect.”

The identification remained controversial, partly because other men also claimed to have been the sailor in the image, but also because Life magazine, whose photographer had died years earlier, was unable to confirm that McDuffie was in fact the sailor, noting Eisenstaedt had never gotten names for those in the picture.

“Yet for McDuffie, Gibson’s word was enough. A well-respected forensic artist who was in the 2005 Guinness Book of World Records for helping police identify more suspects than any other forensic artist, Gibson said McDuffie was ecstatic when she told him the results he had waited 62 years to hear.

And so began a whirlwind lifestyle of going to air shows, gun shows, fundraisers and parties to tell his story. Women would pay $10 to take a picture kissing him on the cheek, Gibson said.” -USA TODAY

There is a reason this photo is famous and no it’s not because every sailors fantasy is to make out with a woman they’ve never met in a nurses uniform. It’s because war sucks and it’s a great feeling to know you don’t have to go. So we celebrate the life of Glenn McDuffie with a colorization of the “Kissing Solider.”

Read the full article from USA Today Here.


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