My Experience On Sodahead



Come on, you know what Sodahead is!  Right?  Okay, maybe you don’t.  I found Sodahead out of pure boredom.  Free games on Yahoo, Facebook and Pogo and chat rooms, I drudged through the internet looking for my spot, a place I would enjoy and call my own.  I came across the same grueling chats and typical gaming trials and tribulations like the millions before me.  People who excelled at simple games and the trolls that stalked them were abundant.

There was always the mods and long time users, dedicated to their interest that rooted with the specific challenge of that gameroom.  Be it bowling or Pop-It, Wordwhomp or Asteroids or some bizarre clique on a group in Yahoo, MSN or flickr.  The banter was the same and bored me immensely, so I found Sodahead.  A site that doesn’t have games or chat rooms but instead lets you create polls and surveys and then post opinions after you vote.

Sodahead Friends

On Sodahead you can collect up to 99 friends, which you are heavily encouraged to do.  Your first friends, at least in my experience there, are a few of the top rank old timers, one of mine was a nun, and people who answer polls with the same opinions you have that also have recently joined. There where old men with strong political views, a Emo boy, a couple of rednecks and lots of teenage girls. One teenage girl that befriended me there seemed especially angry, not from comments or any other particular reason other than her avatar.

Most of the young girls there didn’t talk to me or the other older men there, the site is based around polling peoples beliefs, they vote and can comment, add pictures or gifs.  They would post about celebrities, whom was prettier or do you really think this ones big ass is sexy while the men polled more about political sides or social issues.  My polls were about big hair, blondes and whats you favorite beer.

Her avatar was a burning decapitated Barbie with a profile name something like “BarbieSuicide666” alias for amenity, her polls where generally about metal bands or social issues relevant to a typical 15 year old rebellious girl.  For the most part I ignored her, I didn’t want to seem weird or any creepier than I already am, however we did seem to answer alike on a lot of the same polls in which you answer by choice.  So in turn she had answered quite a few of the same polls I had, nothing more than coincidence.


Sodahead Sandy

I came home from work like any other day, except it was the eve of hurricane Sandy smashing into the eastern seaboard.  Besides a couple of polls about climate change and did H.A.R.R.P. create Sandy the rest seemed typical, politics, celebrities actions of the moment, whats your favorite movie.  Then there was a poll from BarbieSuicide666, this one was different.  It was a bad cell phone picture of an old breaker box, the title of the poll,

“Does Anyone Know How To Turn One Of These Off?”

  1. Yes

Only one option.  Someone had voted and commented “Call the power company.” BS666 replied, “The Department of Emergency Services has ordered an evacuation and they won’t respond till after the storm has passed.” Another comment read, “Where are you?” She was south of New Jersey living in an old beach house with her 84 year old grandmother. Her parents had kicked her out at the beginning of summer and her grandmother was her last resort. The neighbors had fled the storm and her grandmother was too old and weak to leave.  The basement always flooded with storm surges and her grandmother told her the house would catch on fire if she didn’t turn off the breaker box and couldn’t be much more help than that.  “Can you call your dad?” I asked.  “No.” Fortunately someone had already told her they couldn’t tell what they were looking at from the pic, it was too dark.  She had taken another picture from her pay-as-you-go phone, this time with the flash on. “Call an electrician!” Someone posted. “I can’t we don’t have any money!” Uhm, a hurricanes coming, where’s the electricians?  “Hello, answer your damn phone stupid electrician!”   Right!

I saved the picture, opened it, zoomed in and saw an old electric box with ceramic screw in fuses and a main breaker at the bottom of the box. “Pull the little wire handle on the small square box out.” I replied. “When it’s safe put it back in.  There might be a large handle on a box outside where the power lines come down to the house.  Pull that down first to shut off the power to the house.” I posted.

“I can’t go outside, the winds to strong,” she replied. Then she went offline.

The Next Day

I didn’t expect to hear from BS666 until Monday, maybe a week longer, I knew what the storm was doing.  I went back to Sodahead 4 or 5 times that night to see if she was there though I didn’t expect her back.  I went and followed the storm online, The Weather, NOHA, theres plenty of places. Then I got scared for her and realized I was one of the last people to communicate with her.

A little after 2 that afternoon she was logged into Sodahead. She thanked me for the help. The basement had about a foot of water in it, houses next door were gone. BarbieSuicide66 and her grandmother were fine.  The heart of the storm had passed to their North followed by a couple of days of heavy rain.  I went back to Soda head yesterday to see if she was still there.  She wasn’t.  It’s been well over a year since I’ve been there, the internet lead me somewhere else.  Out of my 99 friends, there were 40 left.  Sometimes I miss Sodahead, but honestly, I think this was the only reason I was here in the first place. Because someone was going to need me, just once.

See SODAHEAD for yourself.


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