Canadian Prostitutes Walk With Pride

 Image by © Brooklyn Production/CORBIS
Image by © Brooklyn Production/CORBIS

First For Sex Workers In Canada

In a landmark case Canada’s Supreme Court declares anti-prostitution laws are a Charter breach. In a 9 to 0 vote on Friday, the high court struck down Canada’s prostitution laws. Now Canada’s Parliament has a year to write new legislation. However prostitution related offenses will remain in the Criminal Code at least for a year until new laws can be developed. It’s been 20 years since Canada upheld the current laws and apparently believe it’s time to change.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada wants to punish pimps and johns while the sex workers themselves call for all out decriminalization.  Last year Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that  the law banning brothels placed sex workers in danger by forcing them onto the streets. Read the whole article at where you can find what I read and lots of related links.

Nice job Canada.


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