Where Do The Whores Go For Healthcare?

How To Excite A Prostitute

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Hookers discover new rules

The Affordable Care Act reaches further than you know. Legal prostitutes at Nevada brothels excited by Obamacare. From ABC 13 TV in Houston, Texas. KTRK TV covers an article on the effects of the Affordable Health Care Act on legal prostitutes.  Life throws more  punches than you would expect.  When the affordable care act passed (Obama care) who would have expected this?  Maybe progress is inevitable even if we want it or not.  Could evolution be creeping into our life and society even if we’re not able to recognize it?  Maybe, just maybe. Here’s proof.

For the first time in recorded history a prostitute can receive health coverage. Think about that, the worlds oldest profession has never had health coverage. Places where prostitution is legal does require health certificates, the same thing your food prepares and servers are required to obtain. Few states have legalized prostitution  in the U.S.. More would rather pass medical marijuana laws than make paid sex legal. Today in the U.K. the Prime Minister wants to pass anti internet porn laws while slavery on the planet is larger than any time in history because of the sex trade industry.

Imagine if every sex slave that exists could go free while every prostitute on the planet was protected as much as a law street firm and entitled to the same benefits and regulations. Could legalized prostitution lead to the end of human slavery?  Probably for the most part.

““Having this profession, we aren’t exactly offered group health insurance,” Taylor Lee said. “It’s hard because I do have a pre-existing condition so I really support Obamacare. I’m excited.”

From KRNV-TV CBS Los Vegas. They picked up on the story after the CBS affiliate in Houston ran the story on The Bunny Ranch just outside their own city showing just how slow news of this kind goes. Promoting prostitutes isn’t popular. We at TheShortsMagazine are well aware of that. Yet it seems to us, that if forced sex trafficking has created more slaves than have ever existed before on the planet, and still woman are arrested for the act in countries where rape laws are enforced, we as a race of humans might be doing something wrong. Imposing morals on a society is what the Romans did to their conquered countries and what the Nazi’s tried to do to the world. It’s what the Americans call terrorist want to do to an extreme. The absolute control over women, what they can do with their bodies, how much they can expose in public, whom they are allowed to marry and  what their last name will be.  Can you still indorse this behavior?

Because we thought you should know.


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