It’s Time For Summer

Summer Crosley

Summer Crosley
Photo by Mary B Logan PR

When winter strikes the Midwest then it must be time to reminisce about Summer.  Summer Crosley is from the Midwest and envelopes all that it entails. An environmental activists that just happens to be a Super Model for magazines like Elle, Vogue, GQ and Esquire. After leaving the Midwest for college she ended up in Miami Beach Florida as a model, her life changed in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Summer Crosley's White Shorts
Photography by Mary B Logan PR

Her only wish was to make her family proud. Eventually being represented by agencies like Elite Models and Wilhelmina. Her love of the ocean lead her to become active in ocean and wildlife conservation where she has been working with conservation groups to raise awareness of the human impact on the world’s oceans and rainforests.

A self proclaimed tee shirt and jeans girl (which she looks good in coincidentally)  she had a passion for beauty and fashion ever since she was just a little girl. This small town girl has found her way into over 100 fashion magazines. Somehow we are not surprised.

Summer Crosley Jeans
Photography by Mary B Logan PR

After  Appearing on Nip Tuck, F.C.U. (Fact Checking Unit) and then most recently on the TV series Californication, Summer has gone on to become an international model. Summer is here even in winter, which gives the hope and courage to carry on. If you believe in yourself and care about the right things then your beauty will always shine through.

There’s nothing as beautiful as a girl from a small town in the  Midwest that has achieved more than she could imagine and became one of the worlds top models. Find Summer on her website  to see more of her beautiful work and the magazines she has graced.

Summer Crosley teal tights


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