In Your Jeans

160 years

Congratulations America! You have spent 160 years in your jeans. Founded in 1853 by a man from Bavaria, Levi Strauss couldn’t have known that his clothing brand would become as synonymous as apple pie is to America. Used American jeans have an over seas market that’s competitive with new sales. They’ve defined casual Friday’s in offices through the cities of the continent for decades. levis-jeans-ADAs relevant today as some of Levi’s ads are, it’s hard to believe they even need to spend any marketing money at all. They have rooted their-selves so deep in our culture I don’t think we would forget their existence and just slip into wearing slacks and trousers or nothing but yoga pants and sweats. I do know Levi’s has to compete with Wrangler a many other companys, so I understand why they advertise, I’m just saying it’s not that necessary. At least it occasionally creates a new model and sometimes controversy for the masses to fret about. All I am saying, is give peace a chance, no sorry, that just had to came out, what I’m really saying is we are going to wear them anyway. It will be interesting to see though if they’re around for another 160 years.

Jean Facts

  • Levis Founded in 1853
  • Patented in 1873 by Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis
  • 470 Company Owned Stores
  • Revenue 4.4billion (2010)
  • Net Income 157million (2010)
  • 16,200 Employees (2010)
  • Owners: Family of Levi’s Strauss

Source: Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia.

Levis-Curve-ID-ADSome ads push controversy, maybe intentionally or sometimes by accident. We still follow some companys like celebrities on Facebook and twitter and give them the same amount of loyalty. If it’s Wranglers and trucks or Levi’s and Hilary Duff we all have our favorite jeans. We want to wear them so bad we’ll combine them with leggings and call them jeggings. For what ever reason, (they make my butt look good) Americans and yes, the rest of the world too, people can’t get enough of their jeans. Happy birthday denim, thanks for the memories.

12 Celebrities in jeans.

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