BLOG: 10 Most Powerful Women

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When it comes to powerful women, most of us put our mother figure at the top. Forbes compiles their list too.

According to their website, they “gather top politicians, CEOs, activists, and celebrities ” who–in their words–matter most. Here is a look at their top 10 list.

They list: Name/age/country/category

Angela Merkel

Chancellor, Germany

59 Germany Politics

Dilma Rousseff

President, Brazil

65 Brazil Politics

Melinda Gates

Cochair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

49 United States Philanthropy/NGO

Michelle Obama

First Lady, United States

49 United States Politics

Hillary Clinton

Personality, Philanthropist

66 United States Politics

Sheryl Sandberg

COO, Facebook

44 United States Technology

Christine Lagarde

Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

57 France Philanthropy/NGO

Janet Napolitano

Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, United States

55 United States Politics

Sonia Gandhi

President, Indian National Congress, India

66 India Politics

Indra Nooyi

CEO, PepsiCo

58 United States

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