Girls With Guns

The Culture Of Girls With Guns

It began shortly after Obama’s first term. Facebook pages and internet sites in the south claimed Obama and the democrats were going to take your guns. Billboards and signs urged us to buy guns before they were banned. There was a rush to buy ammo after each election. Bullet and gun sales sky rocketed in the south. Facebook pages supporting guns turned into pages about teaching your daughter of the south how to shoot. Proclaiming a restraining order is just a piece of paper and implying the law has no real control over your self defense as a human. During this past summer also some hot girls in the Israeli military posted sexy photos on Facebook that their superiors soon discovered. The might of the military was forever changed into teenage girls posting pictures of their bums with guns. High school girl had infiltrated the Israeli military.

This a look-book of those girls and the way they think about defending their right to bear arms. The need to teach their daughters to shoot a firearm and defend themselves from an oppressive government. Girls with guns are hot! They do emit strength and a personality of a beer drinking, gun shooting, daisy duke wearing fun time. But that’s because you’ve never had to live with one. Welcome to a little taste of the south.

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