Celebrity Shorts

the worlds smallest shorts

What Is On Her Shorts?

 You can’t tell me these girl’s shouldn’t be wearing their Shorts . After a long and hardy study by the “University of Shorts” it has been concluded after exhaustive research and peer review that girls in shorts have the same effect as girls in jeans and yoga pants.  The study went on to find that avoiding the consequences could prove fatal, or at least leave you ready for the beach. If you’re not currently wearing shorts then at least consider changing clothes, or just look at people who are.  Either way, shorts will make you happy. It’s like being on the beach and no one else is there. Just you, the sun and your favorite pair of shorts. Don’t deny extensive research and laboratory experiments, find someone wearing a pair of “Daisy Dukes” and follow them around for a couple of hours. They may freak out but you’ll feel a lot better about yourself for doing it.

Celebrity Shorts

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