You Just Got Shamed


Slut Slamming

So if you didn’t know the dancer or the fact that Robin Thicke already uses topless dancers in his video of a song you have already heard before, you probably wouldn’t care who they are or what they did in his video. As a mater of fact you would probably like the video enough to make it famous because of their  abilities. As a matter of fact his video “Blurred Lines“(warning unrated,explicit, NSFW) is full of naked women. But when someone you know twerks in a vinyl bikini, all the sudden it’s vulgar. The only reason for this scenario to exists is because you care.  You have feelings for the person involved and now you think she is portraying herself as a slut. A easy target for sexual exploitation. Otherwise you would not have an opinion. Love and hate are just the opposites of the same emotion. If you haven’t heard about Miley’s performance at the VMA’s your going too.

Miley Cyrus just owned you, because you did care or thought it was distasteful and trashy.  She invoked a passion about women and how you see them. If their faceless and unknown then the womens behavior to get your attention is acceptable. But if she’s dear to you, your Disney Princess, then you feel the need to protect her. So you lash out and get angry.

The Shame

The shame is that women are born to attract the opposite sex, the same goes both ways. If we didn’t the human race would stop reproducing. We wouldn’t mind a slow down in population growth but we don’t want it to stop. s And yes, some peoples ideals of sexuality are different than others. It’s the same reason we don’t eat the same foods, listen to the same music and we are not suppose to. We are meant to be different so that variety in life exists.  Miley’s making a point, she’s copying what your kids are already doing, taking the last generations dance and amplifying it. Miley didn’t invent twerking anymore than she invented rap or dubstep. Yet she does both and doesn’t care enough about what you think to take the fall for it and make a point.  Your slut shaming, to cut her down for her dance moves (twerking) because you didn’t want to see her body do that. If you don’t believe me you don’t know anyone in their early 20’s on Facebook.

Un-Shameful Sluts

In Zurich they wanted to get the sluts off the streets. In the following slide is how they decided to to that. Warning the following are pictures of real prostitutes, Not the celebrities and girls you know that you’ve been slut shaming.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be careful who you call a slut, you might not know who your really shaming. Thats why it’s called slut slamming.

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