The Game Begins

What do your shorts say?

More On The Little Green Men

In this video from The CitizenHearingMedia on You Tube a retired Air Force Captain recounts a visit by a UFO while he was stationed at a minute man missal facility in Montana on March 24th, 1967. Capt. Salas testifies that the aliens turned off our warheads. This is just one in a series of testimonies about aliens and our nuclear weapons.

Capt. Robert Salas (USAF, Ret.) testifies and then describes a series of incidents that he witnessed both first hand and then has continued to study, where US Nuclear capabilities were disabled or compromised in conjunction with sightings of UFOs and unexplained phenomena in the vicinity of the bases.

Published on Apr 30, 2013

from Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

Now in The NYTimes an acknowledgement from the C.I.A. that the base exists.

C.I.A. Acknowledges Area 51 Exists, but What About Those Little Green Men? –

Is the response from the government related to the hearings and a large public stance on disclosure? If not, then why bother to say anything at all.  It would seem the PR game has begun, partial acknowledgment is not confirmation of alien contact, but it is a move. I wonder if someone in the C.I.A. recognizes this man? (related post) Maybe it’s someone’s way of giving him a little credit as a parting gift. If this is all they can say and the old man in the related post is for real, then he would know.

As a life long Sci-Fi fan The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure seems to good to be true. There seems to be so many prominent people involved that it has built in prestige. Thats why we are watching for the little green men as this game begins.


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