Cosplay gets reality TV treatment in Syfy’s ‘Heroes of Cosplay’

Cosplay Reality TV

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Cosplayers are hoping that a new reality show will shine a light on their creative, if quirky, endeavors.

“Heroes of Cosplay” — a sort of Comic-Con-meets-“Project Runway” docu-series — premieres on Syfy tonight, pitting cosplayers against each other in Wizard World Portland’s cosplay competition.

Cosplay, short for “costume play,” is a hobby that blends costume-making and role-playing. Cosplayers portray their favorite characters from genre movies and television, video games, anime, comic books and more, wearing handmade costumes to comic conventions and sometimes competing for prizes. It’s that competitive element that “Heroes of Cosplay” aims to spotlight, with each episode featuring a different contest and the cosplayers who, with varying degrees of experience, prepare to compete.

Although the show isn’t without the seemingly manufactured drama that’s a hallmark of reality TV, “Heroes of Cosplay” provides some context for a hobby that is often misunderstood by mainstream observers.


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